Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives: Crafting Ministry in an Interconnected World


Jean de Dieu Ndahiriwe

Jean is a native of Rwanda and was a child refugee in Uganda for over 15 years. Born on the way to exile from the civil war in Rwanda, his parents would later return to Rwanda due to the IDI Amin's war. Jean fled Rwanda again 10 years later at the beginning of what became the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Jean is a veteran of the US Navy, a former Hospital Chaplain and currently serves as a Clinical Correctional Chaplain. Jean is married to Eugenia and blessed with 4 boys (Joshua, Isaac, Timothy, and Ryan) and 1 daughter Angel. Passionate for leadership, Jean is a Maxwell Leadership Executive Program Team Member. B.A. Biblical Studies – Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary and Graduate School (LBC | Capital); MA – Human Services Counseling (Military Resilience) Liberty University.