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Hypothetical hurricanes within the workplace?

Written by: on April 19, 2024

In the midst of the pandemonium at work, I can’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?” Is it me? Are the staff members to blame? Is there a training problem? Is there a cultural issue here? Is everyone else experiencing chaos as well, or am I just overanalyzing things and making it seem that way? Most of the time through all the hypothetical hurricanes, I’m asked by coworkers and friends how I stay so cool in the midst of a storm that seems to be sinking us more quickly than we can get the water out. But I’ll always respond the same way: I was a nervous wreck on the inside, could you not tell?

We had a forty-hour personnel shortage last weekend on Saturday. Though that doesn’t happen frequently, life presented so many challenges at once for each team member that I decided that we wouldn’t be closing. Let’s make the best of it and figure it out. Even though it shouldn’t have succeeded, b y the grace of God we exceeded our grand opening night’s turnout, and nobody felt stressed throughout the night. Everyone was aware of the shortage, therefore everyone who showed up put in more hours than they were scheduled because they wanted to help and smiled harder so our customers did not feel any discomfort. Not only did we all manage to make ends meet, but we all thrived. Proud was an understatement. 

Whether you are looking to lead a fortune 500 company or a simple cafe in a small town in Texas… Effective leadership is so important in today’s world. Especially with all of the uncertainties and problems that always seem to be emerging throughout society. Annabel Beerel’s book, “Rethinking Leadership: A Critique of Contemporary Theories,” takes a look into the world of leadership, looking at the key theories as well as the abilities that are required for handling difficult situations all while creating organizational success.

This book serves to help leaders adjust to changing circumstances and navigate unstable times with their teams. Beerel delves into fundamental leadership ideas, offering insight on how they might be used practically to effectively face crises and uncertainty. The book challenges conventional leadership models, encouraging readers to reconsider their ways and adopt new methods for leading in today’s reality.


Key Themes: 

The need to match individuals with changing global realities. The author emphasizes the importance of holding people accountable and leveraging their leadership qualities to effect genuine change. By delving into the intricacies of leadership in current circumstances, the author encourages readers to reassess classic leadership models and embrace a more adaptable and forward-thinking approach.


Practical Insights and Strategies:

The author effectively illustrates practical insights and strategies using real-world examples and case studies throughout the book. She provides practical advice for establishing successful leadership techniques. This book also includes specific ways for leaders to look at improving their decision-making skills, promote resilience in the face of uncertainty, and cultivate an organizational culture of continual learning and growth. She does a great job of emphasizing the dynamic nature of leadership as well as helps us as the readers with the tools needed to navigate challenges and take every opportunity given to us  in a rapidly changing world.



Like mentioned above, In today’s fast-paced and unpredictable environment, the lessons shared in “Rethinking Leadership” hold such a significant value for leaders across many industries as no matter the type of leader you are, the information translates well across all platforms.  She encourages leaders to reevaluate their approaches, cultivate emotional intelligence, and adapt to new models. The book also challenges leaders to embrace innovation, foster collaboration, and drive positive change within their organizations.


Redefine your leadership approach. Make a lasting impact in your organization. Get inspired. Be challenged. Be empowered… this book is the one for you.  


About the Author

Alana Hayes

Alana is a mother to four beautiful children and wife to a farmer in Texas. She is an avid world traveler with a heart for both the world and education. She is the president of the nonprofit Against the Grain Texas where they focus on providing education to children overseas and at risk adults in the states. To date the nonprofit has given almost $100,000 to individuals around the world. In her free time she loves spending meaningful time with people and reading to further her personal education.

10 responses to “Hypothetical hurricanes within the workplace?”

  1. Jenny Steinbrenner Hale says:

    Alana, Great post! I love the way you started with your personal story and experience and wove Beerel’s insights into your context. You said: “Even though it shouldn’t have succeeded, by the grace of God we exceeded our grand opening night’s turnout, and nobody felt stressed throughout the night. ” I felt myself cheering for your team. Your employees are so fortunate to have you as a leader.

    I can’t believe Monday is our last class! I’ve learned so much from you and everyone in our cohort. Here we go… out into the world! 🙂

  2. Michael O'Neill says:

    Great post. I’ve been there in the small business chaos and can relate to the stress (way too often). It sounds like you have applied a lot of our learnings and have created an environment of trust. That’s great leadership and a well-deserved reward for making it happen!

  3. mm Becca Hald says:

    Alana, great post! I love your conclusion, “Redefine your leadership approach. Make a lasting impact in your organization. Get inspired. Be challenged. Be empowered… this book is the one for you.” You are making a lasting impact on everyone you encounter. I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the past three years and look forward to seeing how you continue to be a World Changer.

  4. Alana – You are inspiration and the very definition of the “courage” Beerel writes about. A friend recently told me that she has exchanged her life motto from “Let go and let God” to “Trust God and GET GOING!” This makes me think of you. You have trusted God and look what He has done through you! Keep changing the world, my friend.

  5. mm Daron George says:

    Dr. Hayes,

    I like how you integrate insights from Annabel Beerel’s book, “Rethinking Leadership” and how you emphasize the relevance of adaptive leadership approaches in today’s dynamic and uncertain world.

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