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A Globo Leadership Conversation: “Evangelization and Ideology”

Written by: on April 20, 2024

Me: As the semester drew to a close and my time as a student blogger neared its end, I unfortunately had to forgo writing this blog post two weeks ago. During the designated week, I managed to read a significant portion of the book and watched several YouTube videos related to the topic, however, my ability to post was compromised by the demanding task of cross-formatting hundreds of pages of my portfolio among Google Docs, Word, and PDFs. This laborious process, as you all know, involves constantly adjusting page numbers, the table of contents, the list of tables, figures, paragraph spacing, footnotes, and bibliographies, while simultaneously preparing presentations and managing that other thing we can’t ignore…life; that was “conveniently” on “fire” and in need of immediate assistance. The looming deadline felt more like a ticking time bomb than a simple due date, exacerbating the already chaotic circumstances of “unexpected life.” It seemed almost comical how these challenges presented themselves at the worst possible moments, testing my patience to the limits as the deadline approached.

Anyone reading this: “How does that relate to the Evangelization and Ideology?”[1]

Me: It was a lesson in order, proactive discipline, and avoiding or minimizing pitfalls.

Anyone reading this: “Excuse me, ‘Dr. Michael.’ That wasn’t the point of Petrusek’s book.”

Me:  “Yes, but White Goodman put it best, ‘You work for the bank, the bank works for me, ipso facto, I’m your boss.’” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vFyF5wV1Mc [2]

Anyone reading this: “Uh…?”

Me: “My procrastination and unbalanced life led to a powerful lesson in proactive behavior that requires discipline and awareness to stand against the demands of our current world, societal “norms,” and over-committed schedules. Annabel Beerel outlines this proactive skillset in her book, Rethinking Leadership.[3]  It was a great book but her key takeaways would have been more useful two weeks prior.  I wish I had read that book ahead of schedule or remembered even a few of the strategies I just spent years studying. Perhaps I may not have found myself in the same predicament, or at least been able to minimize the damages of the ‘emergency.’  I need to create balance and a margin for unforeseen circumstances – which Beerel points out are inevitable.”

“The truth is, I regret some of my actions during the chaos, and I was also disappointed about missing the deadline for the blog submission, even though I still managed to join the discussion. There was a clash between my public and private leadership roles (front and backstage)[4],  and unexpected demands exacerbated the situation, making it quite overwhelming for a few weeks of “system-one thinking.”[5] Additionally, I was emotionally exhausted and found myself striving to maintain stability and control wherever possible.”

Anyone reading this: “That is a solid expansion your original “point,” however, I failed to see the connection to Evangelization and Ideology?”

Me: “Don’t search that hard. My only argument is everything points back to Jesus. In a somewhat weak attempt to link this profound principle, I believe the model in which we evangelize, disciple, worship, identify, or live behind closed doors is directly related to the output of how we live and follow Christ. It comes down to Jesus as the example and he made it clear. We can respond to the chaos when we are in tune with the Spirit and remove fear and doubt from the options with certainty – making the path easier to see.

I understand the paradox of falling and getting up stronger, and while I both despise and appreciate it, I don’t want to put myself in positions where a few things can completely derail my entire family. I take 100% responsibility for my contributions as the leader of my home and admit and apologize for not leading with more faith. I fell victim to the society’s pressures which “ipso facto” plays a role in my evangelism and my identity in Christ.”


The Book

I will make this brief as we have already discussed this in detail as a cohort but my overall take on Evangelization and Ideology: How to Understand and Respond to the Political Culture,” was positive. It provided practical applications and a well-reasoned perspective in a non-confrontational manner, presenting what he considers to be objective truths. Matthew R. Petrusek examines the prevailing secular ideologies of our time – utilitarianism, classical liberalism/libertarianism, progressivism/wokeism, and non-theistic conservatism. He critiques these philosophies among other cofactors through the lens of Catholic social thought, which he presents as a more coherent and ethical framework. By addressing the valid aspects of these ideologies while highlighting their shortcomings, Petrusek demonstrates how Catholic teachings offer a thoughtful and moral response that transcends ideological limitations.

I was optimistic starting with the Foreword by Cardinal Thomas Collins where he challenges the reader to become aware –  that we are “Caught up in a swamp of secular illusion.”[6] We must proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a “society in which people are deluded by ideologies that, upon examination, are revealed to be both false and destructive.”

Take Aways

I found the discussions and insights shared by the cohort about this book truly enriching. I love the open forum for topics like ideology and evangelism, the cultural and political divisions in Western society, and how a diminishing identity in Christ acts as a dark force driving conflicts across various realms. Petrusek explored the troubling ways in which our identities are being challenged and the unsettling pressures to conform to what many see as a form of mental insanity. These discussions have been both eye-opening and applicable.


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Michael O'Neill

Director of Operations / Executive Pastor at Kinergy, Inc. Federal 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. An experienced entrepreneur, leader, father, wellness professional, and owner of a multi-location medical practice with my wife, Nicole O'Neill, MD.

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  1. mm Daron George says:

    Dr. O’Neill,

    What stands out about your blog post is your honesty and vulnerability in sharing the challenges you face while managing multiple responsibilities and making the connection between personal discipline and the broader, structured ideologies discussed in the text.

  2. Michael,

    Great Post, it was robust. It inspired me, thank you!

  3. mm Chad McSwain says:

    Dr. O’Neill – This was certainly an entertaining post! Man, it was fun to read. I am too in the throws of formatting and reformatting as I make adjustments. Not my favorite activity. Thanks for being transparent about that. Plus, you even managed to offer a synoptical post!

    • Michael O'Neill says:

      I can’t thank you enough. I’ll tell you in person but it’s been such a pleasure. I knew you would get the Globo Gym reference…

  4. Kristy Newport says:

    I agree with my brothers above statements.
    Look how syntopical your writing is!
    I think this is a great piece of humble work.
    I love the Walker tie in!
    Great job

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    Hey there….

    “The looming deadline felt more like a ticking time bomb than a simple due date, exacerbating the already chaotic circumstances of “unexpected life.”


    Congrats, I am so impressed!

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