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What’s the purpose of Chrisitanity?

Written by: on August 27, 2012

One of the common themes we have been hearing at the LGP-DMin advance is that the church grew because, in essesnce, there was nowhere else to turn for hope during the bad times Korea was experiencing – except to Christianity. And now that things are good, people are losing the connection to Christ/Church because they have no or little need.

We know that Jesus came to save those who are sick – but I believe he was talking more about those that are spiritually sick, those who live without the purpose that he can give or who live lives of desperation and self absorbment rather than lives of giving and service.

It seems that we have turned the gospel into a “personal benefits package” and when the benefits aren’t needed anymore, neither is our faith. I don’t agree with this of course but I feel that more and more I’m in the minority. Even in the wealthy US, we are often aimless unless we have an issue or a fight to fight. I don’t know what the modern church in the US would do without having an enemy (think abortion, homosexulaity or even the Democrats!).

It’s not “sexy” to live like Jesus. It’s more fun to picket, protest, claim God’s wrath on others, but if that’s the only way to grow church – I’m outtta-here! I want to live like Jesus.

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