Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives: Crafting Ministry in an Interconnected World


Written by: on October 23, 2015

Out of this reading what stood out the most to me is the idea of relationship. I love this because in the US many churches are about numbers and not the people. I love these readings because all of them make me reflect on what I am doing now. From this program I began a bible study at one of my church members house. And the bonding was off the chain. She passed away while I was in Hong Kong but she was the only person who wanted to have Bible Study at her house. I have no words to say how much that hurt me while I was in Hong Kong. I talked to her till the day I left. But she was more into relationship and being more connected like the book revealed. “Leadership is defined by the relationship crafted between a leader and the people who decide to follow that person – happily or unhappily.”[1] I realize that I cant please everyone I lead and I am cool with that and I will never try too. Being myself is hard enough and I am going to just do that because you will never make everyone happy and that should not be your goal. I asked one of my church mothers to leave the church because she caused too much drama. And she did. But she came back and repented. I kept a relationship with her because I loved her. And we cool now.

I used to run a construction company and I still have it. I have a friend that has a construction company who thinks I was the reason he has one. We built a hotel when him and me were in our twenties and he said that’s what started him to believe. Relationship matters “Business is no different it too –is built on relationships.”[2] I really think our relationship at the right time and at the right season is why he is doing great in construction. I have left everything for Christ. The money I used to make was so great and the euphoria that went with is gone. But today I love what I do for people more and that’s more important.

I am utilizing all the social network tools that I can. I am not as computer savvy as I should but I am slow with everything anyway. But I know that Charlene Li is right on point. We have to get into what is reaching more people and not living in yesterday. We have to use what we have. I was saying to some people we should never go back into the former years. We are created for today and I believe God wants us to use all tools, all media, all Internet accesses and all things we have today to reach the world. The gospel shall be preached in every part of the world. In the 21st Century we have the tools and the power to make that happen. We live in the greatest time! We must make the most of it!

[1] Charlene Li, Open Leadership:How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You lead” (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2010) 9.

[2] Ibid., 9.

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Travis Biglow

Pastor of Victory Empowerment Center. Regional Chaplain High Desert Regional Center Graduates Azusa Pacific University. Licensed General Contractor B. I am the married with one daughter, two grandsons and one step son.

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  1. Dave Young says:

    Travis, Mr. Facebook. Well I’m not sure Facebook is really a venue for relationship but I love that you’re always using it to keep up with people and showing off how large a role scripture plays in your life. Also I imagine all your wide range of experiences: educations, business, chaplaincy and pastoring is primarily a means for you to continue to show your love and God’s love to people. That’s what I’m always learning from you.
    Thanks bro… dave

    • Dawnel Volzke says:

      Dave and others,
      Are you sure that Facebook isn’t one venue for building relationships? My experience has been otherwise…although some in the church may not like this fact. In the corporate world, I work with people who I’ve only met virtually. I’ve developed some amazing friendships and have been able to minister in this realm. In our own school experience, we have used digital tools to connect before we ever met. By the time we got to Cape Town, our relationship had been established. My Aunt Vangie was bedridden up until the Lord took her home. She used Facebook as her means to continue her ministry when she physically couldn’t leave her bed. Hundreds (maybe > thousands) of people reported how she used Facebook to minister to and encourage them each day. I would imagine Jesus would be an avid Facebook user, and we would be seeing tweets all over the place if He were physically on earth today. Maybe the twelve disciples would be fishing on the digital waves.

      While face-to-face relationships are good and necessary, church leaders must recognize the fact that social media usage is necessary to communicate within today’s culture. It is often the first step towards building a face-to-face relationship and welcoming people into the church doors.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      God bless you for the compliment Dave. I find Facebook as the super highway for social contact and i am trying to use it in all areas of life with responsibility. I hope to glorify the Lord on another level on Facebook, You Tube and twitter to name a few.

  2. Mary Pandiani says:

    Your enthusiasm shows in your writing. Your excitement to be in this season of life and time in our world impacts those around you. I imagine those who “follow” you appreciate the coach in you that encourages, exhorts, and casts a vision towards the prize. Keep it up, Travis!

  3. Brian Yost says:

    The fact that losing a parishioner hurt you so deeply speaks of your heart as a pastor. You dearly love your people and build your ministry out of relationships. Social media is a useful tool to be utilized, but it cannot replace face-to-face relationships.
    God bless you brother.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      Brian, you are right i dont want to every give that up that is really important to me. I don’t even like the idea of live streaming so much but i will do it just to get the word out. I am trying harder to have more personal contact and relationship. So i agree

  4. Dawnel Volzke says:

    I believe you have grasp the spirit and concept of being an open leader. You live your life in social media nicely, giving others a glimpse of your daily life and the fact that you have community with those in your church. Your intentions shine through. Your ‘marketing’ or posting may not be perfect, but you use it effectively to further your scope of influence and to minister and connect with others. Your use of Facebook allows you to stay connected and to build relationships with real people on the other end of your postings.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      And Dawnel, i can communicate to people around the world, at the touch of a button, and without spending any money. I think social network is the medium for spreading the word around the world. A few years ago whe could not see or communicate the way we do today and i think it will have the greatest affect in preaching the gospel around the world and in every corner of it!

  5. Phillip Struckmeyer says:

    Travis, You say … “We are created for today and I believe God wants us to use all tools, all media, all Internet accesses and all things we have today to reach the world.” What and awesome attitude! Too many people cringe and complain. I love your outlook and the thoughts of using everything for God’s purposes in the world. I do think relationships are key and all the technology and social media can be great tools to help us develop and build connectedness. On another note … I can’t believe you built a hotel. What in incredible accomplishment … back in the day:)!

    • Travis Biglow says:

      Phil even though i am not really as computer savvy as i want to be i am using what i got. And even with our studies i am learning more and feeling more confident in living in the moment and knowing this was the time God decided for us to use the tools we have!

  6. Nick Martineau says:

    Travis, I love how you focused on relationships. You definitely can’t have Open Leadership without relationships. And you’re doing a great job of using Fbook to let others connect with you. Thanks Travis.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      Thank you Nick. You are correct i have a family and friends day every fourth Sunday to eat with my church members and to just enjoy each other and eat. Everyone do a pot luck and we get the opportunity to just talk and enjoy great food. Blessings!

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