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The truth about who you are.

Written by: on November 9, 2022

The title being “Leading out of who you are” brings up a question of “who are you”? The authors writes about the undefended leader. He states that “Leadership is about who you are and less about what you know or the skill you have”.[1] This to me indicates that being a leader is already inside you. This is in essence the path that was chosen for you.

Walker through out his work acknowledged that theirs are some characteristics of an undefended  leader. He also speaks about how leaders become defended. He states that they experience three things: idealization, idealism, and unmet emotional needs. The defended leader has a hero, feels that there is a way that things can be better and puts the needs of others first. [2]

Growing up there was a clear distinction between other children and the children that lived under the roof at my house. My mother had found christ at an early age and she meant that we would know him as well. We did not miss church unless we were on vacation. We were in the choir, we attended Sunday school, sang in outside choir, and even attended what’s called the gospel music workshop. While our friends were spending Friday and Saturday night eating pizza and going to the movies, most nights we were dressed up singing at programs as “The Dillon Singers”. Don’t get me wrong we had fun, but fun could not get in the way of God.

In my teenage years and early 20’s I had a tiny bit of a rebellious spirit. I did not have enough to stop the conviction that came to me when I was doing wrong. One day I woke up to just how much the Lord was doing in my Life. I started to see the ways that he was making and tried a little harder in dedicating my life. I found through my work that I had great impact on peoples lives and that what people thought impossible God was allowing me to do. Why wouldn’t I submit to a good God like that.

Through out life I never really thought about being a leader. I know that special things came up in my heart to serve others, I gathered like minded people and we got it done. Often time as the author explained there was always a stretch made for others as I neglected my own needs. I was told once, “you give so much that you are not going to have anything left for yourself”. I don’t think I had a particular hero, I just always wanted to have enough to share with those that did not. Of course people hear me say all the time …”I want to save the world”. It’s a big job and seemingly can be an impossible one but if I can help one somebody I am making a huge contribution to the future. As I said before I think a leader is born. With the guidance of my mother and a gift from the Lord I lead and will continue to lead…here am I send me. That’s the truth about who I am. Who do you want to be?

Walker, Simon P.  Leading out of Who You Are : Discovering the Secret of Undefended Leadership. Carlisle: Piquant, 2007.

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