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Travis Biglow

Written by: on June 15, 2016

Pastor Travis E. Biglow

Travis Evan Biglow of Victorville California is the pastor and founder of Victory Empowerment Center Church of God in Christ in the city of Hesperia California. He also serves as the High Desert Regional Center Chaplain for Azusa Pacific University in Victorville California. Educationally he has an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Santa Monica College. He completed his Under Graduate work at Biola University in Organizational Leadership. He has a Masters of Divinity Degree from Azusa Pacific University and is in his second year at George Fox Evangelical Seminary completing a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership with Global Perspectives. He spent the majority of his life as a General Contractor and sole proprietor of Gobig Development Enterprises.1497412_10201456010024341_2086654140_n


            Travis’s passion is preaching and teaching the word of God. As the name of his church signifies, he is into empowering others. He loves seeing the results of his faith in God in the manifestation of his life and in the life of others. His greatest passion is serving Christ in the ministry of the word and in the empowerment of others. When asked what is he about, he is about empowering the saints of God in their spirituality, faith, the knowledge of God, education and economics. His greatest inspiration is where God has bought him from and the anticipation of the unknown and where God is taking him by faith. He loves this because what he can’t see naturally he can by faith and that is exciting to him. He realizes that faith brings the things into your life that only God knows and that is exciting to him.


One of Travis’s pursuits is in the field of education. And he is pursuing this passion by completing his Doctorate of Ministry Degree at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. His ministerial passion is preaching and teaching. He has been a pastor for close to seven years and he is a Chaplain preaching to Graduate students at Azusa Pacific University. He is also pursuing teaching at Azusa Pacific University in the field of ministry. Travis is pursuing writing at least two books in the next 3 years about faith and ministry.

Travis thinks that his greatest human element behind what he does is the empowerment factor. Being able to empower others with what God has blessed you with is important to humanity. As Jesus said, “Those who want to be the greatest among you must be the servant of all.” Helping others reach their goals in life is something that will live with a person forever. And living your life to not just to be blessed yourself, but to bless others is a high virtue and that is what propels him to help others. He sees himself as a transformational leader. And wants to impact the twenty-first church by helping to return back to the roots of the early church. And to him that is to be a servant leader and to espouse the true original mission of the church. That is to be a sent church going all over the world preaching the gospel beginning from where you are.

Some of his family and friends have said that his greatest aspects are that he was able to come out of South Central Los Angeles where there are gangs, drugs, and economic hardships to become a pastor and to achieve some great things. They say that he has overcome the stereotypes that people have of black men and people from the South side. And that he has maintained focus although he has suffered tragedies, personal hardships, disadvantages and has not made any excuses. Colleague’s think that he has great view of life and that he has done a lot educationally despite many of the disadvantages he faced.

Travis loves to go fishing in his neighborhood where there is a lake. He likes reading and interaction with social media. Cooking is one of his favorite past times as well. On the lighter side of Travis he loves to laugh and joke. Finding time to enjoy yourself in this world is important to him. And he loves to seek time for enjoyment when he has leisure. Travis is married to Mona Biglow he has one daughter twenty-six and two grandsons.


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Travis Biglow

Pastor of Victory Empowerment Center. Regional Chaplain High Desert Regional Center Graduates Azusa Pacific University. Licensed General Contractor B. I am the married with one daughter, two grandsons and one step son.

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