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Stand Firm

Written by: on July 29, 2018

        Twenty years ago, in a gunfight lasting less than 30 seconds one police officer was wounded, two brothers were killed, and a second a police officer was shot and died at this student’s feet.   While serving as the Police Watch Commander that night this student was charged with maintaining public safety, providing lifesaving services, and when necessary leading men and women into harm’s way to protect the lives of others.   

       Evil takes many forms, and even though a brave young Christian was shot-down in the line of duty, his death was not in vain.  Inspired by this tragic event, this student developed a passion to help others learn how to protect themselves from both physical and spiritual harm. Following the Biblical doctrine of the Apostle Paul, this student developed a Holy Spirit inspired passion, wisdom, and discernment surrounding the wearing of Christ as protection against the schemes of the devil called the Armor of God.   Fast forward 20 years and this student’s vocation still has him engaged in safety, lifesaving, and leading others into danger through a marketplace ministry.  Therefore, for security reasons, this essay introduces Mic Anthony (alias) and provides some limited facts about his location, vocation, and personal hobbies.    

First, this student is currently serving in a marketplace aviation vocation in the Middle East.  His home is in the North West portion of the United States.  His vocations include aviation manager, parcel delivery services owner-operator, foreign mission committee chairperson, and first-responder volunteer chaplain.  As a marketplace missionary, aviator, and chaplain, he hopes to be Christ’s salt to flavor, preserve, and heal while carrying Christ’s light to illuminate his love, grace, and presence wherever he travels or responds to the least reached people in their hard to reach places who need help (Matt. 5:13-14).

Second, this student’s passion and love is found through his stewardship of an Armor of God discipleship ministry, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and active around the world for the past 15 years.  He believes in showing and sharing Christ through a challenge coin that he designed with the six pieces of the armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18).  His goal in using this discipleship vocation is to reach and save the lost, teach them how to put on the whole armor of God, and show them how to become victorious when defending against spiritual attack. 

Third, the greater human element and need that this student sees are to reach the leaders of the North American church and help them recognize how much they have become desensitized from the threat of spiritual warfare.  He wants to inspire these church leaders to action, so they will train and equip their congregants as the body of Christ in how to resist Satan.  He believes these leaders can be taught and then teach others how to defend against evil schemes and overcome the forces of darkness by wearing the full armor of God.  As Paul says, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood,” but against rulers, powers, and forces of darkness (Eph. 6:12). 

       This student’s areas of interest include researching and writing about the effects of training youth and adults on how to wear the full armor of God.  His thesis holds that the more Christians who follow the armor of God regiment of preparation, prayer, and perseverance will become more spiritually healthy than those who only use prayer or take no defensive action during spiritual attack.  His long-term goals include the successful journey through the Dmin Leadership and Global Perspectives degree program while remaining open to God’s additional calls on his life to mission, ministry, or pastoral leadership positions.  His hobbies are bow-hunting, worship team acoustic guitar, and taking his wife shopping. 


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