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Kyle Chalko

Written by: on July 27, 2018

Kyle is in his sweet spot when he is training and launching leaders into vocational ministry. Having been in full-time ministry since he was 17, and ordained by the Assemblies of God at the age of 23, Kyle spent the first decade of his ministry experience working in youth ministry. Serving in Pendleton Oregon for 5 years, one of his highlights of ministry is when his youth group of roughly 50 kids raised $40,000 in 10 months to buy a vehicle for a missionary to Jordan. Kyle served for 3 years in Modesto California and recently transitioned to join the team at Trinity Life Center in Sacramento, California. At this church he is the director of Pathway Ministries which has a vision to see a new generation of pastors, missionaries, and evangelists trained and launched into vocational ministry. Having seen the disconnect between real world experience and theological education Kyle intends to bridge the gap to make more rounded ministers. Most of Kyle’s time is spent time ministering and building disciples and connecting young pastors into mentoring relationships where they can be spiritually fathered and mothered. The most tragic sight to Kyle is the glimpse of unrealized potential and Pathway ministries is a partial solution for that to many student’s lives. Kyle is also the Coordinator for Northwest University’s Partnership Program in Northern California – Nevada. In this role he assists churches in getting their internships accredited so they can receive practicum credit for serving at their local church.


Kyle graduated with his Bachelor’s in Christian Ministries and a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Kyle is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree from Portland Seminary at George Fox University to better prepare himself for what he senses God calling him to do. He hopes to be part of the solution to get cheap and effective ministerial training into the unreached areas of the underdeveloped world. Currently, for his thesis he is studying how to use online delivery to bring practicum learning experiences into leadership & ministerial graduate programs.


Kyle has been married to his lovely wife Anna, for 8 years, and they have two sons, Caleb (3) and Judah (1) and they plan on eventually adopting two more boys. You might find Kyle on the weekends in the backyard gardening, or playing a board game with his family, like Settlers of Catan.


You can more about Kyle and what he has written at his website kylechalko.com


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