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Dawnel Volzke

Written by: on June 8, 2016

Dawnel Volzke is a Christ follower, wife, mom, teacher, student, and professional…her passion is to serve Christ and her calling is to help organizations become great at fulfilling their mission. She lives in Granville, Ohio with her husband and two children, Jessica (21) and Christopher (16).

Dawnel has served in various roles over 20 years, including technology, marketing, and strategic management consulting.  Today, she helps organizations to implement strategic change through building effective and efficient infrastructures and ecosystems. Her experience covers diverse industries and management of cross-functional teams. Through best practices and change leadership, organizations and churches can be successfully transformed.  Her formula for success is: shalom + stewardship = God’s plan for community.

Dawnel Areas of expertise include:
∙ Strategy Development
∙ Change Management
∙ Continuous Improvement & Process Improvement
∙ Project Management
∙ Technology Design & Implementation
∙ Marketing & CRM

Dawnel loves to teach, as she is a lifelong learner herself.  She is involved in Christian higher education, where she has worked with universities to develop programs for student success and faculty development.  She also enjoys teaching various management, leadership and ministry courses.

Dawnel is currently working towards a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership & Global Perspectives from George Fox University.  She holds an MBA from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and a Bachelor of Technical Management from DeVry University.

Dawnel strongly believes in environmental stewardship and works to educate others through speaking engagements, mentoring, networking and teaching. She has taught on the following topics:

∙ Healthy Bodies (How to select the best food & what to avoid…)
∙ Healthy Home (How to avoid common toxins…)IMG_0656
∙ Our Social Impact (How our decisions impact others…)

Dawnel and her family are passionate about helping others. Over the years, they have supported efforts and assisted on projects to reduce poverty and fight social injustice.

On the weekends, you can often find Dawnel in the garden, at farmer’s market, antiquing, decorating, or cooking…or sometimes just watching old BBC shows.


You can also find Dawnel at:

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Dawnel Volzke

Christ follower, wife, mom, teacher, student, professional...my passion is to serve Christ and my calling is to help organizations become great at fulfilling their mission.

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