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Claire Appiah Spotlight Bio Story

Written by: on August 21, 2016

DMIN 727: Student Spotlight Bio Story


Claire Appiah

Instructor: Dr. Jason Clark

February 25, 2016

Claire Appiah is a senior African-American woman who was born in Canton, Ohio, the ninth child born to parents John and Lydia Crawford. She has been residing in Los Angeles, CA since the 1950s where she has received all her formal education. She graduated from Dorsey High School and subsequently from the University of California, Los Angeles with a BA degree in philosophy, and Liberty University Seminary with a MA in theological studies. She is currently pursuing a doctor of ministry degree from George Fox Evangelical Seminary with an emphasis on global perspectives. She is married with three grown children. For nearly three decades she served as a deputy probation officer with the Los Angeles County Probation Department working with juveniles in detention facilities and with adults in field offices.

Appiah has a passion for multi-cultural experiences and high adventure. She possesses a genuine curiosity for learning about various cultural traditions and norms mainly from an anthropological perspective and learning about the history of a new region being explored. She makes an effort to engage in a new culture to the fullest extent possible.  Although she takes special delight in the visual impact of these new sights, it is the cusine and the music that are especially memorable. Cultural engagement probably inspires Appiah because she grew up in Ohio in an international community, surrounded by and/or having direct contact with people from various nations around the world. She gained an appreciation and respect for their stories and their indigenous contexts.

For years, Appiah has pursued this passion, having traveled to Canada, Mexico, Spain, Gilbraltar, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Uganda, Namibia, India, China, Philippines, and Tahiti. But of late, she has not been able to pursue this passion as she formerly did for several prohibitive reasons. In the future, Appiah plans to coordinate her travel plans with ministry opportunities.

The most significant thing that Appiah is currently doing is preparing for cross-cultural ministry through her seminary studies at George Fox. The motivation for this educational endeavor is to be as thoroughly equipped as possible to perform the prospective task ahead of her on a professional level. Although Appiah’s ministry goals are still not fully crystallized, she does know for certain that she has a burden to work with at risk children in sub-Saharan Africa due to a divine call by God.

Some of Appiah’s favorite things to do are to dabble with interior design motifs and to shop for articles that pertain to home interiors. This profession almost became a career choice for her. She also likes what she considers tasteful art and is fascinated by various architectural structures and designs.  Appiah’s curiosity has led her to be a regular visitor of museums and historical sites on vacations. Appiah is also fond of the performing arts in dance, drama and music. She fulfills a pledge to accompany her daughter to the Alvin Ailey Dance performance in Washington D. C. each year on her birthday.

Unlike the majority of the global population, Appiah is not thrilled with using new systems technologies and she has an aversion for social media.




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