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Social Media is filling buckets

Written by: on June 5, 2013

This week, I read “How full is your Bucket” by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton. The main thesis of the book is, that positive feedback and reinforcing support helps when interacting with people and leads to a more content life (in both sides). For this concept the authors use the image of a bucket and a dipper. The methaphor of the bucket stands for our emotions and well-being. Our daily life either adds water to our bucket through positive expiriences (by interacting in a positive way and sharing with a dipper) or drains power (by spreading negativity and stealing positive emotions of others).

The five strategies to keep the bucket full through positive interactions reminded me not only of my ministry in my church but also of my daily interactions in social media in general.

1. Bucket Dipping (social media)

Social Media is a direct way of interacting and shows visible hints how someone is interrelating. Healthy social media is bucket dipping.

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2. Shine a light on what is right (share content)

Sharing stories is the most common input in social media. Some weeks ago I shared a story about a picture. In a communion service for my confirmation kids I handed out leaflets showing on image of the last supper in the front. It was a modern version with Jesus sitting at an empty table alone.

One day later, after reflecting my sermon, a dad of one of the confirmation kids handed a re-painted version of the picture to me. He added the missing people, saying that after the communion he understood the importance of community.

I am always sharing those expiriences. They strenghen me and others.

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3. Make best friends (following)

To follow someone is one of the central principles of twitter, it is also a way of making friends, sharing life and interacting in a positive way.

4. Give unexpectantly (faving)

Fav’s (or favorites) on twitter (represented by a small star) are often used to like a tweet. They can be also understood as a way of support, praise or positive emotion.

Sometimes I use it as an “AMEN”, when people share their problems or prayer requests it is a simple and quick chance to show my support and share positive vibes. 

5. Reverse the golden rule (retweet)

The retweet function on twitter helps to share content. This enables me to spread ideas, requests or stories of others in my own networks.

This way of supporting others must always be guided by a good spirit. Content is not to be shared to harm, but to support others.

By doing so, the border between giver and taker is dissolved. This paradigm of permeable interaction takes hierachies away and enables a positive exchange. And all golden rules and categoral imperatives the One and only anyways….

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