Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives: Crafting Ministry in an Interconnected World


Written by: on May 27, 2019


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Jennifer Williamson

Jenn Williamson is a wife and mother of two adult sons. Before moving to France in 2010, she was the women's pastor at Life Center Foursquare Church in Spokane, WA. As a missionary with Greater Europe Mission, she is involved in church planting and mentoring emerging leaders. Jenn benefitted from French mentors during her transition to the field, and recognizes that cross-cultural ministry success depends on being well integrated into the host culture. Academic research into missionary sustainability and cultural adaptation confirmed her own experience and gave her the vision to create Elan, an organization aimed at helping missionaries transition to the field in France through the participation of French partners.

4 responses to “Prezi”

  1. Jay Forseth says:


    Thank you for your stick-to-it-tive-ness. Praying for you and your early submission of the dissertation. Thanks for being such a great example!

    We appreciate you more than you will ever know.


  2. Chris Pritchett says:

    Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing your journey with us. I have an image of you in the morning cozying up with the Lord and a cup of coffee for 20 minutes of solitude and prayer to greet the day. The image is a great reminder for me to keep doing my version of the same thing.

  3. Jason Turbeville says:


    I really appreciate your commitment to being in the middle of where God has planted you. I really felt your passion and compassion for your calling and how God is using you.


  4. Mary Pandiani says:

    Jenn – I love your creativity with the Prezi – it reflects who you are in its simplicity and beauty. As well, your vulnerability in letting us see through a window into your soul is refreshing and humbling. My hope and prayer for you is that you will be able to move into a sabbatical that brings grounding, refreshment, and fresh vision.

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