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PLDP Prezi Presentation for June 3rd

Written by: on June 2, 2019


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Colleen Batchelder

I speak at conferences, churches, companies and colleges on intergenerational communication, marketing, branding your vision and living authentically in a ‘filtered’ world. My talks are customized to venue needs and audience interests. My passion is to speak with organizations and bridge the intergenerational gap. I consult with companies, individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations and help them create teams that function from a place of communication that bridges the generational gap. I’m also the Founder and President of LOUD Summit – a young adult organization that presents workshops, seminars and summits that encourage, empower and equip millennials to live out their destiny and walk in their purpose. When I’m not studying for my DMin in Leadership and Global Perspectives at Portland Seminary, you can find me enjoying a nice Chai Latte, exploring NYC or traveling to a new and exotic destination.

3 responses to “PLDP Prezi Presentation for June 3rd”

  1. Jay Forseth says:


    Such a great Prezi presentation. Deep, thoughtful, inspiring. We are so glad you are one of us!

  2. Hi Colleen!

    I’m so sorry that I missed you Prezi. The scribbles on the title page caught my attention right off the bat! And I LOVE the photo of us eating out one of the first nights in HK! What a fun memory for me :).

    I noticed you are committed to strengthening your physical well being. I’m so glad you threw out that challenge/encouragement to the rest of the cohort. How can we best support each other in this?

    And I love that you included an Victor Hugo quote.

    So much fun getting to know you!

  3. Mary Pandiani says:

    What a gift you have been to not only Cohort 8 but also Cohort 6 (whether they realized it or not). Your words about not being threatened by other people’s position reveal a rarity of thought, so needed in a polarized culture. In your willingness to go to the margins of life, you bring a freshness and vitality to the conversation. Your presentation reflected a creative and prophetic voice. I also appreciated the questions and observations you made for other presentations.

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