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Personal Convictionsa

Written by: on May 27, 2018

Upon reading Chasing the Dragon, I said the same thought that I had when reading The Cross and The Switchbalde.


What am I even doing with my life?”


Jackie’s testimony is proof of what God can do through sheer obedience of a human heart. Her stories of simply going out and doing the simple work that Lord leads you to, one by one is a life-changing testimony. She is by all measures of the word, a hero of faith.


Of course she would probably say, most anyone could do what she did. Because she was simply obedient to what the Holy Spirit was leading her toward. What a privilege and blessing it is for us to be on the other side of history to be able to see the large reach her ministry has expanded to. Her story is testament to the biblical principle, “those are who faithful with little, will be faithful with much.”


Some of the most impactful parts of the book were the small things that were mentioned as she was telling the larger story of her testimony and ministry history. I thought I would share, in a devotional sort of way, what I picked up through this reading, as well as my conviction/application listed underneath each point.


  • After hearing Jackie Pullinger’s story, I have even more admiration for those who choose not to marry so more can be done for the Kingdom of God. These made her be able to minister with a much greater capacity. If she had married should would have had many more personal “boundaries” and would have been unable to accomplish as much. This is a major difference from Wilkerson’s story in the Cross and the Switchblade.
    • I feel guilty for how many boundaries I set, and sometimes the lack of grace I had upon my own student’s failure. However, I remember that even Jackie was not boundary-less and my boundaries are different because of my capacity and my portion of faith God has given me. Or maybe that is a cop-out.


  • I love how every time she was witnessing, she would would not just talk about the love of Jesus for the person, but clarified that Jesus died for their worst enemy as well. She ties in the person’s sin and need for a savior by clarifying that we were enemies of God.
    • Perhaps the American church is too individualistic and they would rather hear more about God’s love for them, and not the love of their enemies.


  • I was surprised to see her strategy while working with addiction. She knew she had to do more than say, “I’m praying for you, go and be well.”
    • This points to some of the systematic change the Christians should be involved with. There is a deep spiritual problem, but also sociological, psychological, physiological addiction in play as well.


  • Many of the students did not bother to show up consistently until they believed the missionary was there for more than an experience, a photo, and a story.
    • In placing I’ve tried to give extra help, people often done even show up. Have I shown enough commitment? Longevity communicates Christ like care and not just climbing the ladder, church by church.


  • Even from just the little hints of her discipleship program that the book alluded to, I was very impressed with her discipleship plan for her students. For example she mentioned that when you become a Christian, you have to tell one person before you go to bed that night.
    • I wish I had done that through my 10 years of youth group. I also thinking to myself, can I sign up to be discipled by her? I’m afraid I couldn’t cut it.


  • Jackie shared a time with one of her youth small group sessions where she was too tired to lead a lesson so she just lead the group in a time of prayer. One youth gave a word in tongues and another youth gave the interpretation. The verse that was shared was an exact quote of scripture from a student that had not read the Bible yet.
    • I often get too comfortable with moves of the spirit. But simply surrendering control can allow the Holy Spirit to speak so much more to us.


  • The verse that was shared was such an incredible reminder for me. Unless the Lordbuilds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”
    • I think is a perfect reminder for all of us who are working very hard to build our individual ministries and churches.


Meeting Jackie Pullinger is certainly my most anticipated part of going to Hong Kong. I don’t think I can quite grasp how famous she is and how world renowned her ministry, but she seems to be up there amongst the ranks of Rich Wilkerson. I am excited to meet a woman and hopefully be prayed for by someone who’s relationships with Jesus is so intimate and intense.



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  1. Greg says:

    I am excited about the opportunity to hear her heart as well. I think it will a interesting time to see and hear what God has taught her through the years. He is amazing and blows my mind at the things done and that we get to be apart of it.

  2. Chris Pritchett says:

    You’re so right on the money, Kyle. I had the exact same reaction to the book. It’s crazy how when someone simply does what Jesus said to do. Her story caused me to look at my own life as well. Her example challenged me to be more courageous. I love your passion brother!

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