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Walled City, an area in Hong Kong, infested with gangs, drugs, prostitution, crime, and more.  Author Ryan Graudin wrote a book on The Walled City. She told the story of individuals experiences in Walled City. The first story under Jin Lin, she stated that “there were three rules to survive in Walled City: Run fast. Trust no one. Always carry your knife.” [1]  She also spoke of a gang name ‘brotherhood.’  Author Pullinger wrote on the Walled City in her book, Chasing the Dragon.  She spoke of the gang named The Triad. She spoke of her desire to want to serve in Hong Kong, which must be an appointment by God.

Experiencing God in a unique yet inspiring way initiates one to ask more questions and increase their desire to learn more about him. She spoke of hearing God’s voice to ‘Go.’ She was doing her spiritual practices to hear God’s voice for clarification. As my family says, crickets.  Her spiritual friend advised her to go, and God will guide her.  He said, “Get a boat going to the longest location, and wait for God to tell you to get off. If you are not supposed to go, he will prevent it.” (Kindle, 35)  Well, that’s a thought. I have done that quite often and many times I found myself stressed, frustrated, and confused. I realize that was ‘a good idea but not a God idea.’ (Pastor Joel Osteen)  Pullinger took a boat to Hong Kong. I am glad that she included this part of her journey in her stories. How she submitted applications to various Christian organizations, and she was not received into their organization. I know many Christians called to a ministry and believed they must be connected to a church to do the will of God. Jesus called us to go out. All ministries are not required by God to be connected to a church organization, but to Him. He will guide and direct our path if we trust Him.

Pullinger demonstrates the heart of a Jesus believer and follower. She tells a story about when she visited a hospital looking for one person and found it to be another person injured. He was a gang person. This person sacrificed his life for his brothers, and she remembered Jesus saying, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”  (Kindle, 19)  She reached out to individuals to come and pray for him with her. The person’s family was surprised that someone was praying for him because he was not a good person. In a few days, he was released and showed no signs of his injuries. He was thankful to her for her prayers, and he was now a believer in prayer. There came a time when that young man wanted to get help to overcome drugs; therefore, he wanted to know more about Jesus. When he arrived at her location, he found himself in the company of people he knew from the streets and jail. She spoke about his conversion and speaking in tongues.  He began his drug recovery cold turkey without any drugs, and he succeeded without pain and withdrawals.

She spoke about her experiences in opening up a youth center and being a mentor in Walled City. As a successful mentor, she found herself involved with the student and their family. She said, “meant walking with them in a practical way so that they could see and know who Jesus was.” (Kindle, 57)  Mentoring is more than a one on one conversation. If you want to help the youth, you must understand the family. When you support the family, you also help the student. As a mentor to youth, I have always known at least one of the parents, but it was my ministry that placed me in position to be involved with the family. That included more than I expected or ever experienced before. For example, going to homes to calm an angry male teenage disrespecting the home, late hour call to take a child into my home in coordination with CPS, and more. I spoke to God and said, I don’t remember signing up for this, but please provide me the resources I need to help them.

I appreciate her honest on seeking how to speak in tongues. I also went through that stage; wondering was there a book, video, or class on teaching to speak. I struggled with the thoughts of not being filled with the Holy Spirit because I didn’t speak in tongues. So, her experience made me chuckle because I could so relate. She shares that a Chinese couple prayed over her and said, “now you will speak in tongues.” (61) That didn’t work. Then through her frustration with their process, she yells out “God help me,” and it happened. Now she was waiting for the gift of healing and prophesy. That’s the yearning for God’s presence and wanting to serve him with everything.

When we experience God, we become willing to follow him and have a strong desire to learn more about him. I want to experience being in his presence one more time. I can identify with some of her experiences and I want to learn more the journey he has for me after completing this DMin program.

[1] Ryan Graudin The Walled City, New York: The Little Brown and Company, 2014, Kindle.

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Lynda Gittens

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  1. Stu Cocanougher says:

    Lynda, as I read your blog, I can see a kinship that you have with Jackie Pullinger. Because you are involved with at-risk kids, you know that it is like to shine the light in dark places.

    You rightly pointed out that families are the key. One issue is the same in both inner city Houston and the old Kowloon Walled City. When teens turn from the families and a gang becomes their new family, they are headed for destruction.

  2. Mary Walker says:

    Lynda, went to Bible college just a couple of years after the charismatic movement was really peaking. I remember going to a Bible study and hearing nuns speak in tongues. The thing that made me wonder though was that another nun gave the interpretation from Mary. That sort of thing really made a lot of people question speaking in tongues. I prayed and prayed for the gift, but I didn’t get it. Looking back, who was I trying to please – myself or God?
    Anyway, we will really be blessed to meet Jackie this fall and hear more stories and see more of her and God’s! work.

  3. Jennifer Dean-Hill says:

    Lynda, This statement sums up the whole book: “Pullinger demonstrates the heart of a Jesus believer and follower.” I would only add heart and action. She put her faith into practice and leaned upon the Lord in an amazing way. I would love to hear about some of your “Jackie” experiences and see what God has in store for you after the program. I feel the same way- I’m needing to complete this program so I can get to living again. God’s got some great plans in store for us!

  4. Christal Jenkins Tanks says:

    Lynda, I am at awe at how God chooses to give gifts to His children. The gift of speaking in tongues is one of many. I am personally grateful for that gift. I have heard tons of stories of how people have received the gift. God has His way and when we allow Him to move as He chooses we become beneficiaries of His awesome power.

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