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My Ten Commandments of Public Speaking

Written by: on July 1, 2013


I have not had opportunities to speak in a large public forum in the last six months. There is a high possibility that my new assignment will require for me to prepare many speaking engagements. I have created my own ten commandments based on key highlights that I need to implement for my public speaking. These are the areas where as I outline I know I have a weakness in and need to work on.

1.       I will avoid the mistake of trying to make mistakes. My response to mistakes defines the audience response. I will practice the material and know how to react when you realize that the material in front of you

2.       When preparing for a speaking event, I will

a)      Go early

b)      Walk around the stage

c)       Sit with the audience

d)      Eat early

e)      Talk to a few in the audience

3.       When speaking in front of an audience, I will angle my body so I can have as much eye contact and try and ensure that I keep eye contact with at least 10% of the people

4.       I should ensure I have a dense crowd and remember that audiences that audiences can be very forgiving.

5.       The four things I must remember that in order to prepare well,

a)      Take a strong position in the title

b)      Think carefully about your specific audience

c)       Make my specifics points to be as concise as possible

d)      Know likely counter-argument from an intelligent, expert audience

6.       I will practice my material in front of the clock until you get the timing down. I should always end early not matter how late the speaking time

7.       I will learn to tell stories, since all communication is a narrative. I will learn to talk about situations that are contextual and relevant. The illustrations must fit in the story we are telling

8.       I am naturally a soft spoken person so I  will endeavor to speak louder, take stronger positions, behave more aggressively than in ordinary conversations and I should not shrink on stage.

9.       Now that teaching is one of my strengths, I will ensure that I focus in a master-apprentice / mentor-protégé relationships. I will ensure that in these teaching relationships,

a)      I will make it active and interesting

b)      I will star with insights that interest the students who I am teaching

c)       I will adapt to how my student reacts to #a) and #b) above

                Finding and simplifying insights requires humility, teaching is a compassionate act

10.   I need to remember the power in silence. Being silent makes points.

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