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“My Mother is Your Mother”

Written by: on November 16, 2012

Centuries ago, Gutenberg took center stage with the printing press which allowed the masses access to books and articles that only the wealthy and affluent could afford. With such tools, now that the common people had an opportunity to be persuasive and use their knowledge as a powerful resource in their daily business transactions, social lives, and even in faith integration as the people could now read their own Bibles to get a message from God’s Word. Initially this invention was devoted to publishing the Bible. Not only that, but systems like the public schools were developed to help kids learn how to read that they may understand the knowledge within the books.

From books, to today’s notebooks, and Wi-Fi, everything is moving exceedingly fast. Exponential change is taking place before our very eyes in technology; yet some of it becomes obsolete within weeks or months. At one point, technology was seen almost as simply as inputting data, but today, companies like Google can track your every move from the grocery store to a recent visit to South Korea. Not only that, to fast forward, like a scene out of Star Trek, holograms are said to be in the near future. I must admit that would be awesome.

From Gutenberg, to Google, to holograms, and on to modern medicine, I wait with great anticipation as to who will be the Gutenberg of medicine and which area of medicine will exponentially advance to be the next phenomenon pushed by the media to promote women’s health. Some textbooks are saying that medicinal technology will offer the next crave with countries like China and India leading the way. While efforts are being pushed to the max in modern medicine to fine cures and ways to slow the development of diseases, I would like to see significant breakthroughs arise in women studies that provide a substantial impact in the areas of heart disease, breast cancer, and osteoporosis, which take the lives of many women across the globe each year.  

Before we jump from Google to modern day Star Trek, I think that it would be rewarding to the masses, the global community, to have as much quality time as possible with the women that they love like their mothers, daughters, wives, aunts, sisters, and cousins, etc. After all, my mother is your mother said one teenager to another as they cried and embraced each other after completing a Breast Cancer Awareness run.

What are your thoughts? With our warp speed in technological advances, will we see some possible cures/major medical impacts within the next decade?



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