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Kyle Chalko Prezi

Written by: on May 20, 2019



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Kyle Chalko

3 responses to “Kyle Chalko Prezi”

  1. Jason Turbeville says:

    I really liked your idea of a legalistic sabbath. I have a hard time getting rest myself, too much going on. Thanks for your presentation.


  2. Jay Forseth says:


    Still thinking about your “rocket man” and “Rudy” Prezi. Well done. Bet you are glad you went early. I am now wishing I had…

    Keep the faith and keep loving that family!


  3. Mary Pandiani says:

    Kyle – for some reason what you’ve posted doesn’t show up. It would be helpful if you can fix it, but it’s not necessary. You’ve already received credit for the assignment. It’s more for the sake of legacy so that others can see how a Millennial might do a Prezi 🙂
    As for what you presented, it appears that you are already on the road for facilitating others in spiritual formation. You reflected a sense of what you can do along with what is needed – a healthy creative tension of the both/and in your life. May God continue to richly reveal God’s presence and vitality in your life – personally, vocationally, and communally.

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