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Katy’s PLDP Prezi

Written by: on May 29, 2018

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Katy Drage Lines

In God’s good Kingdom, some minister like trees, long-standing, rooted in a community. They embody words of Wendell Berry, “stay years if you would know the genius of the place.” Others, however, are called to go. Katy is one of those pilgrims. A global nomad, Katy grew up as a fifth generation Colorado native, attended college & seminary and was ordained in Tennessee, married a guy from Pennsylvania, ministered for ten years in Kenya, worked as a children’s pastor in a small church in Kentucky, and served college students in a university library in Orange County, California. She recently moved to the heart of America, Indianapolis, and has joined the Englewood Christian Church community, serving with them as Pastor of Spiritual Formation. She & her husband Kip, have two delightful boys, a college junior and high school junior.

2 responses to “Katy’s PLDP Prezi”

  1. Jim Sabella says:

    Katy: what a great presentation. The one word that I would use to describe the soul of your presentation would be “balance.” That tension between community and solitude, between work and worship, the visible and the invisible, embracing and exploring and the participation of the reconciliation of all things. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Mary says:

    Beautifully done, Katy. Your presentation is inspiring and I think it will be said of you that you “participated in the reconciling of all things.”
    I love the interweaving of beauty and art – both things that sometimes get overlooked in our worship.

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