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Jay’s Prezi

Written by: on June 17, 2019


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Jay Forseth

Superintendent of the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church. Blessed with 28 years as the husband of my amazing wife who I can't make it without. Now three of four in our family are attending University, but both my children are way smarter than me.

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  1. Mary Pandiani says:

    Jay – your gracious, humorous, and humble presentation was a true reflection of what you’ve offered others in this program and those in your circle of influence. You’ve consistently stayed true to the person you’ve been created to be/are becoming in Jesus Christ. One more comment – I’m struck by how much your son looks like you. While that may be obvious when it comes to genetics, I suspect the “respectful, responsible, resourceful” legacy runs deep, something that can’t always be seen on the outside, but is entrusted in the deepest parts of yours and his being. God smiles upon you, my friend.

    • Jay Forseth says:

      Mary! Your kind heart is evident for all to see. Thank you for journeying with us this summer. We all appreciate you and we feel blessed when we are around you…

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