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Jake’s PLDP Prezi

Written by: on June 2, 2019


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Jake Dean-Hill

Currently a Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice. Ordained minister with 10 years of prior full-time church ministry experience and currently volunteering with a local church plant. Also working with companies as a Corporate Leadership Coach.

3 responses to “Jake’s PLDP Prezi”

  1. Jay Forseth says:


    Thank you for your presentation. And for a glimpse of how God has shaped you on your journey. We all appreciate you, Jake!

  2. Hey Jake,

    I was sorry to have had to miss your Prezi! What a great family photo, and I love th man/woman high-five icon.

    I noticed that you had a “pray first” slide. You know that this is something that I am working on as well. I’d love to her any tips you might have o how you are growing in that area.

    And you know that I’m rooting for you in your project and focus area of closing the gender gap.

    Every blessing; dear friend!

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