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I Will Fill My Bucket

Written by: on June 3, 2013


I am going through a month of great transitions, like I have never gone through in my life. I was very aware of the conflicting emotions that I was going through and most of all in my mind. I have found myself awake at two or three o’clock in the morning wondering how I will manage my transitions without too much damage on relationships. Then I began to read the book ‘How Full is Your Bucket?’. The first story about American POWs in North Korea in the 1950s captivated me and I saw the power of positive thinking and emotions. My peace of mind will determine how well I handle transitions in the month of June.

Plastic bucket are the most common bucket and they come in all sizes and shapes. I have mostly orange and blue buckets in my house and they are the most used items in my daily life. I use them while cleaning the house, washing clothes and carrying clothes to the drying lines outside. The analogy of the bucket was one that was very familiar to me. I personally gave myself practical assignment on how to fill my bucket this past week using the strategies outlined. How well did I do?

Strategy 1: Prevent Bucket dipping

I did not poke fun at someone this week; I restrained myself to do so even as I was watching news. I let my husband know what I was up to and he realized I was keen to see the best in everyone I met. I am feeling good about this one.

Strategy 2: Shine a light at what is right

I have had to meet different church leaders and seek counsel about my transition and I was careful not to say anything negative about my current place of work but to see the things that have positively impacted my life.

Strategy 3: Make Best friends

I strived to know all the people I interact with and help my life in small but significant ways. I wanted to know the names of the watchmen and the cleaners at the community I live in and I church. I must admit I failed to do so apart from chatting and getting to know the weekday watchman at church, his name is Bernard.

Strategy 4: Give Unexpectedly

I accepted to share my time with a colleague who is going on leave. I will undertake her responsibilities and make decisions for her ministry as she goes on leave this month. I feel good about this.

Strategy 5: Reverse the Golden Rule

I have ensured I pick up every call I receive and ensure I reply to every call, text message or email that I have received this week. I have kept up to my end of the bargain on this one.

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