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Church is not religion. It is life giving. It is connecting with God and others. Church is based on an ever increasing, maturing relationship with Christ.  Church does not even have to take place in a building. In fact, it is not a building. For various reasons, some very intentional, churches are meeting in schools, malls, restaurants, homes, and abandoned locations. Church can take place anywhere and at any time because people make up the church. In such a community, the church exists to strengthen the weak, mend the broken, and thwart the plans of evil. One way that the church impacts culture to vanquish evil is to render justice for the voiceless and the unnoticed members in society. Today, great measures are being taken to help stop the atrocity to humanity known as Human Trafficking. Churches, businesses, and many social originations have linked arms to expose such practices and participants with the hope of finding victims and helping them to readjust to society. Other feats of the local church across the board is supplying villages around the world will fresh water sources and farming capability. In this regard, generations are being impacted spiritually and physically. The church is a place of communal and spiritual growth and through Christ it gives life to everything that it touches.


The local church is said to be the hope of the world, a place where people can find community, forgiveness, and a brighter future. Ideally, it is place for the entire family. The kids feel welcomed and loved, the teens can find a place to connect, and the adults find strength and encouragement needed as they juggle the responsibilities of family, marriage, and work.

The church is made up of people who are on a mission to positively impact other people and connect them to Christ. The people in the church are obviously not perfect. Yet, their deeds and love for others prove strong and make a lasting impact. Such people understand that it is ultimately Christ who nourishes the soul, mends the broken, feeds the hungry, and pushes back the darkness. He does it through them. The church is a place to dream and to be restored. It is a family to belong to and be loved by – the family of God.

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