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Evaluating Our Connections

Written by: on April 20, 2013

Managing priorities wisely and weighing costs and benefits – these necessary actions take time and effort but help keep us on track and gain the most from life.

I’d like to consider these concepts in light of our investments in human relationships and our embrace of technology in today’s world.

Both of these offer ways for us to stay connected in this world. Yet, some have painfully chosen to invest so much into the technology connection that they’ve allowed the relational connection in their lives to wane. While our electronic devices offer convenience through offering instant communication, they should not take the place of human relationships and interactions. Here is an example that incorporates a positive use of technology that is balanced. During the heart-wrenching tragedy in Boston, Massachusetts, this past week, technology offered incredible ways of tracking the suspects and gaining information. However, the situation also demanded loads of comfort and consolation for battered bodies and wounded souls. This was offered from one human to another. The latter give us all a good reminder that it may be time for us to reevaluate what is important to us and to make more of a conscious effort to be intentional about our involvement and participation in the lives of others. Though technology is helpful, it can only offer so much; it cannot fully replace the personal, human touch.

Keeping this in mind, what future benefits can we look forward to in our technological devices? Such technology will likely assist in curing diseases, spreading the Gospel, and enhancing global interaction like never before. I look forward to these aspects and their creative uses. I believe God, the ultimate coder who spoke everything into existence, can bless such use of coding in technology.

Even so, to echo what was stated earlier, as this creativity expands, we will also find ourselves having to get very creative with our plans and time spent with the people that we love. No matter how advanced we get with technology, technology itself cannot replace the warm, genuine human touch, and certainly can’t fill the God-void in us. We will never be able to replicate or deny the significance of human beings (and God) in our lives.

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