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Culture Shock! London by Hargraves

Experiencing other people’s culture is quite interesting and challenging. This is my expectation in the soon coming trip to London. Hargraves says, ‘knowing the culture of other people is important and challenging’. Culture shock affects all aspects of life for example it affects: religion, economy, social life and academics.

In his address on culture shock Hargraves affirm that one has to mind about his manners. This is in connection with the different cultures. For example in my culture greetings is vital and it implies that there is peace through shaking of the hands continuously. Hargraves alludes that one has to be careful with greetings and it should not be exchanged anyhow.  Greet people you are dealing with only and the usage of words like, “Please and thank you.” Sometimes in my culture, we sue words like “if you would mind” or “give me”

Hargraves also gives us some kind of rules to be observed while in London. For example thinking left and paying attention to warnings. In our culture we think right when walking on the road this is to enable us see the vehicles coming from in front. In addition we do not understand the reason of forming a queue when being served by someone either in an office or anywhere. Whom do I know matters a lot in seeking for service?

In addressing about food, Africans believe in generosity that is practiced during celebration. Anyone is welcome to eat even without having been invited, so long as food is available. Africans don’t measure the amount of food to be eaten. They feel good whenever a visitor comes in abruptly and is welcome to eat.

In my life I had only Imagined of London as a city of Cultural experiences that would help one understand the cultures of different people. Am getting ready to understanding more about London which will be my destination soonest.

Terry Tan in Culture Shock! Great Britain

He alludes that Culture shock is disorientation in the “unknown surroundings” I look forward to not being disoriented with the culture of Great Britain. The advantage is that we shall be there for a short period. Though I wish it would have taken more time. Logistics becomes an issue.

He adds, understanding the culture of people, place, values, and traditions they live by, customs and etiquette is vital. This will be adventures trip for me. London comes!   This is true in the sense that people behave differently.

When doing missions in my own country but of different people group, what comes into my mind is the first impression. And Am always careful not to take away my cultural heritage, Terry warns us on the same.  Any preconceived mind about London should be dealt with and allow experience to be the master. I have to mix with Londoners, cultivate my friendship with them and accept them. This is very true in connection with the context of my culture. For one to know people you must interact with them.

Terry alludes eating anything without permission is prohibited for example fruits. In African culture when you see any fruit hanging on a tree you pluck it and eat. This is an area that I have to be careful. I love fruits.  Children are allowed to play in any home and if we have fruits they climb the tree and eat. We have a guava tree in our home and I see people plucking the guavas even without asking.

Over transport Terry, says that it is expensive. We need to work as a team to solve this problem. I look forward to seeing the complicated system of transport in London. Language or communications in any new city is sometimes a problem. I need to understand it and not Judge says Terry. In addition, I look forward to seeing the way Londoners dress. Our dressing is not that serious provided you look smart.

My Colleagues in LGP 10, let’s work as a team so that some of us don’t experience culture shock on transport. And we can organize to meet in the airport and travel together.

This is going to be my first adventurers academic trip to London.


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Simon Bulimo

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  1. Greg Reich says:

    Simon I appreciate allowing us to see inside your culture just a small amount. I as well look forward to the experience in London along with getting to know you better. I am sure we will all face challenges as we navigate the newness of the London culture. The exciting part of us learning in London together is we also get to learn about each other as well. As you explained the differences between your culture and the London culture one question came to mind. Do you think the the differences between both cultures come from one culture being a more individualistic culture compared to a more community people oriented culture?

  2. John McLarty says:

    I know that when I’ve had a team with whom I could travel, and/or someone with some local knowledge, my concerns about travel were decreased significantly. Having “our people,” around us- whoever they may be- can be a source of comfort. I imagine that while some may love the individual adventures and excitement of striking out alone, many others will find enjoyment in the shared experiences. Thanks for your post. I look forward to our journey together.

  3. Dylan Branson says:

    Simon, what you said about first impressions is true. Oftentimes we can become so centered on our first impressions that we miss the depth of beauty that people have. Our first impressions can reveal to us the different biases we may have toward other people and it’s often hard to change the way we think about them once we have this idea implanted in our mind. Praying that as we all journey into a new context that we would have open hearts and minds to the people around us.

  4. bali says:

    Bali merupakan destinasi para tourist yang selalu ditunggu pada musimnya untuk berlibur kesana yaitu saat awal dan akhir musim panas, sebagai pelopor paket tour and travel di bali yang murah dan yang terbaik pelayanannya situs kami menyediakan akomodasi mulai dari paket wisata, penyewaan mobil, penginapan dan juga masih banyak lagi yang pasti anda butuhkan saat akan berlibur ke pulau Bali. Sebagai awal pembukaan website kami, disini kami menyediakan diskon atau potongan harga untuk anda para backpacker, silahkan cek jadwal pemberangkatan dan booking sekarang juga berbagai macam paket wisata yang ada di Bali, mulai dari spot pemandangan hingga tempat surfing terbaik di Pulau Bali.

    • Simon Bulimo says:

      Thanks for your comments. Am encouraged with the information given. Culture is sometimes individualistic or societal. However, conceptualization of different cultures is vital. Lets hope meet in London the soonest. God bless

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