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Cultural Retribution

Written by: on February 8, 2013

Flow with the culture is the subliminal message tagged in our minds by advertisement everywhere. However, there are some things about today’s culture that I am not too sure if I am totally on board with its approach like retribution. Basically, retribution takes place in America through taxation when funds are divided out indirectly through random public services or directly through programs like welfare. My issue is not so much that certain services are offered but that many people without proper evaluation or explanation may not really need the services and are enabled to basically do nothing as a lifestyle. Is there a way to bring dignity back to the current social systems with hurting people with legitimate needs and exposing others who are simply taking advantage of the system?

Addressing cultural retribution is not an easy task, but it is a needed and overlooked issue. If one hundred people were each given a thousand dollars and were told to report back to the source who divided out the funds in one week with a report, the responses will be all over the board. Some will use it wisely, others will pay off some bills, some will save it, others may blow it all, and still a few may just show back up expecting the same amount of cash again. In each scenario, no one was made to be accountable for the funds; they just knew that they had access without boundaries or any expectations of being responsible with the money.

It may be time for more accountability in our culture on retribution. Whether we like it or not, it is going to be with us for a very long time. In both cases, needs will be legitimate and illegitimate. How do we reclaim the integrity of the system for those that really need it or is it too far gone?

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