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Not Going Meta Today…Maybe Tomorrow!

By: on February 15, 2024

“Every wicked problem is a discrepancy between a present state, and a future, more desirable state.”[1] So Wicked This week’s reading could not have been more timely for me. I faced the most wicked problem that I could have imagined. In my role as Interim CEO, I have been tasked with making leadership decisions that…

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By: on January 30, 2023

From 2004-2010 American television had a show that ran for six seasons on ABC.  The show was called LOST, and I, along with my family and close friends, were HOOKED. Each week we would tune in live, or watch it downloaded from iTunes, to see what was gonna happen to Hugo, Sawyer, Jack, Sayid, Kate,…

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The Coddling of the American Mind

By: on March 2, 2020

The Atlantic “Whatever your identity, background, or political ideology,” the authors advise young people, “you will be happier, healthier, stronger, and more likely to succeed in pursuing your own goals” if you do three things: Seek out challenges “rather than eliminating or avoiding everything that ‘feels unsafe.’” Free yourself from cognitive distortions “rather than always…

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Parish, The Great Mental Models

By: on October 31, 2019

Proverbs 1:7 New Living Translation (NLT) 7 Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge,     but fools despise wisdom and discipline. I have always been intrigued by the concept of wisdom. What is wisdom, and how is enquirer? Is there such a thing as evil and good wisdom? What are the differences…

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There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills

By: on June 20, 2019

I absolutely love reading Tom Camacho, Mining for Gold: Developing Kingdom Leaders Through Coaching. I spoke to me on many different levels, and while it was not the most prolific academic work we have read thus far, it is powerful, practical and I would even add prophetic for where leadership is going.   Camacho self…

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Counting Sheep.

By: on May 30, 2019

In What Clergy Do, Especially When It Looks Like Nothing, Emma Percy drawing on her Ph.D. work and experience as a priest describes the life and work of modern-day priest using the model and language of motherhood. Many reviewers were aptly aware of the parallels between Percy’s work and that of Naomi Stadlen’s saying, “the…

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Blessed are the Critical Thinkers?

By: on October 24, 2018

Imperialism is out of vogue these days. Truth be told, even the game Risk makes me uncomfortable. I think my children hesitate to invite me to play for fear I digress into a rant on the tyranny of imperialism instead of just rolling my handful of dice. The trade off is that I can’t bring…

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Ummmm…You got idols!!

By: on October 18, 2018

“Christians already recognized that while images could be useful in promoting appropriate worship, they were also dangerous. Not only were there the biblical warnings about idolatry, but there were also pagan and political connotations that needed to be avoided[1].” What a thought-provoking book on a topic I can honestly say I have never read a…

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The Disctinction of The Holy Spirit Led Ministry.

By: on September 12, 2018

Reading the account of Jackie Pullinger about Her ministry in Hong Kong was a refreshing reminder that we cannot be effective in ministry without the help of The Holy Spirit. It brought to mind my encounter in ministry as a young believer when I was assigned the responsibility to preach to middle school children in…

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The Challenge and The Profound.

By: on September 6, 2018

Reading through Chasing the Dragon the thought that kept running through the mind was, this is the 29th Chapter of the Book of Acts. I was challenged in many ways while reading the book but will look at three in this brief post. At first, I wanted to define Pullinger’s faith as simple, but it…

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God Sometimes Bestows It

By: on March 2, 2017

This week’s reading took a more subtle approach from recent weeks. Last few weeks we discussed the role of secularism but also the transformation of our global culture since the 1500s. Our challenge in this week’s reading as ministry leaders is that of isolation. The word itself suggests loneliness, so we (ministry leaders) have the…

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