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Boxers & Saints: Homestretch Haikus

Written by: on June 28, 2018



Bean garden revenge

Op’ra gods fear foreign devils

Storied people lost.







Named but confused faith

St Joan guides and inspires her

Sacrificed, she saves.






More than religion

Into church come thieves, murd’rs

To West-branded faith.



[1] Gene Luen Yang, Boxers (New York: First Second, 2013).

[2] Gene Luen Yang, Saints (New York: First Second, 2013).

About the Author

Katy Drage Lines

In God’s good Kingdom, some minister like trees, long-standing, rooted in a community. They embody words of Wendell Berry, “stay years if you would know the genius of the place.” Others, however, are called to go. Katy is one of those pilgrims. A global nomad, Katy grew up as a fifth generation Colorado native, attended college & seminary and was ordained in Tennessee, married a guy from Pennsylvania, ministered for ten years in Kenya, worked as a children’s pastor in a small church in Kentucky, and served college students in a university library in Orange County, California. She recently moved to the heart of America, Indianapolis, and has joined the Englewood Christian Church community, serving with them as Pastor of Spiritual Formation. She & her husband Kip, have two delightful boys, a college junior and high school junior.

4 responses to “Boxers & Saints: Homestretch Haikus”

  1. Lynda Gittens says:


    I love the pics. I love the Epilogue its very fitting for this book. “into church comes, thieves and murderers”. It’s those God includes in his love. I wonder are you referencing the thieves and murderers coming to church or in the church their or thieves and murders. I could go so many places with that phrase.


  2. Mary Walker says:

    Love it, Katy. You are so creative.
    There were many layers to the book.
    Thank you for your contributions to our group efforts!! You always had such wise illustrations; I have learned much from you.
    Looking forward to Hong Kong!

  3. Jim Sabella says:

    Great job, Katy! Well done! See you in Hong Kong!

  4. Kristin Hamilton says:

    Lovely words, Katy. I am drawn to the way they work with the pictures you posted with them as well. I’m grateful for your creativity!

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