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Bad mamma jamma

Written by: on November 11, 2022

I am a music buff. I love love love music. In certain genre’s I can belt out every oh and ah that comes out of the artist mouth. I guess you can say when it comes to some music I am a lyricsmith. I am careful to sing the words at the right time and keep the right beat. I know when to pause and when to get low/high. I can tell you the song before there are any words sung. I imagine this is what the author is describing when she makes reference to Leadersmith.

In the reading, the author sets out to give us a complete toolkit to ensure that we are effective leaders. The author referenced Maslow when he made the analogy that ” if a hammer is the only tool you have then every situation will look like a nail”. [1] The author’s priority is to help us to identify where we are on the leadership spectrum. She then give us tools that will assist us in avoiding the thought that every situation that we encounter can be worked out, solved or handled the same.

I have learned that a great amount of our cohort, has or will have the title of CEO or CFO. I can guess that there was some preparation for the task but surely some bumps. The author also seems to understand that there are many trials that come with those title. She understands that even when leaders are said born, there is a lack of knowledge in the actual processes.

I had an idea of the process growing up and trust me it was all wrong. When I heard the phrase CEO or CFO I could hear a certain song playing in the back ground ” She’s a bad mamma, jamma”. I saw a brief case, high heels, nice dress suit, a fancy car and a cup of coffee in Ms. CEO’s hand. Little did I know that was TV. As a CEO now, the reality is that I might have on joggers with a baseball hat any day or everyday. The cup of coffee was about as real as that imagined person could get.

The authors additionally helps us to gain a better understanding of leading with seventeen items. She notes that theses are critical to master in our work as we lead. The one that specifically stood out was taking risk. In earlier readings taking risk was also mention as a key factor in leading. Taking risk couple with the other sixteen critical items helps leaders to also move through the pathways that the author mentions. The author states that pathways to better leading include; having muscle memory, self regulation, reflective judgement and being willing to learn to learn.

In conclusion, as we learn different methods to perfect the way that we lead many references will overlap. Authors and experts will give to us information that has worked statistically in their research. It is up to us as the learners in the end to accept how we will use or not use the tools. The leaders that we become will bloom from those decisions along with Gods purpose for our lives.






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Shonell Dillon

2 responses to “Bad mamma jamma”

  1. Kristy Newport says:

    Hi Shonell,
    I noticed this quote:
    “She then give us tools that will assist us in avoiding the thought that every situation that we encounter can be worked out, solved or handled the same.”
    I am curious how unsolved issues are for you as a counselor? It is hard working with clients who struggle to solve their issues. What is it like for you to work with a client who falters, trying to make baby steps in addressing their presenting issues?

    Isn’t it great to be the CEO and wear sweats and flip flops?!!!

  2. Shonell Dillon says:

    As a counselor it is hard when things go unresolved. It is also a frequent occurrence when you are dealing with working class people. I have to remember my training that says empathy not sympathy even though as a christian social worker you believe you can save the world. Oh and I love being comfortable, so yes to the sweats.

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