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Unveiling “Dominion”

Written by: on March 31, 2024

God is so good. 

Praise be to God, whose goodness knows no bounds! This Easter I’m reminded of this awesome privilege we possess in knowing God, communing with Him, and “doing life” with Him. I mean… what an honor? The creator of the entire universe is alive and active in our lives and provides everything we need, to fulfill our primary task which is to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind. |1]   Did God ever promise it would be easy? I don’t think so. But he said it would be worth it.

I believe God is all about order and discipline. God tasks all of His creation with purpose – and I’m guessing Adam and Eve even had major responsibilities in the Garden. It says in Gen. 2:15 “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and cultivate it.” [2] This sounds like a big task but it doesn’t sound like it was a burden until the curse in Gen 3:17. [3] We’ve undoubtedly made it more challenging with sin, and our doubts, fears, and poor choices only amplify the pain. The narrative in the Bible echoes our present-day struggles, marked by obstacles and adversity, yet it also offers hope amidst the trials.

Are we our own worst enemy?

Why do we blow it over and over again? And why does God tolerate it? Or does He? Perhaps understanding is not necessarily a requirement. In some regard, lack of comprehension could be our greatest asset in deepening our faith. I believe we all must walk in faith and each path is unique but as Christian leaders, we have a duty to understand God’s love and character and to embody these qualities in our lives. We will face trials and may experience moments of defeat, but we can be certain that God will guide us when we submit to Him. Although we may believe we are in control or have dominion over our lives, allowing fear and anxiety to consume our thoughts can lead us away from the path of light and relinquish our dominion to the influences of darkness.

I believe “dominion” is a fitting word for this season, serving as a reminder of what we hold authority over and what God reigns supreme over. The truth is… the world will disappoint us. Obstacles are inevitable, and inconsistencies and unforeseen challenges often arise. Yet, amidst the whirlwind of our hectic lives, with their countless variables, dreams, achievements, and setbacks, one thing remains constant: God’s unfailing love.

His steadfast pursuit of us, even in the face of our defiance, is a testament to His unfailing love and grace. From the idyllic Garden of Eden to the wandering of the Israelites and into the complexities of our modern lives, God has entrusted us with free will and dominion over His creation. It’s a beautiful gift, however, we have consistently fallen short. The story of humanity and God’s chosen ones often reflects unworthiness, yet God’s pursuit of our love, faith, worship, and spiritual unity with Him through Jesus is unwavering and relentless.

It is a privilege and a solemn responsibility. God calls us to honor Him with our actions and talents, surrendering wholeheartedly to His divine calling. With the guidance, strength, and support of the Holy Spirit, this post-Easter season, I challenge all the ones who claim the name of Jesus to walk in obedience and stewardship, magnifying His name in every endeavor, and exercising dominion in a manner that reflects His glory. 

“Here, in this demanding, emotional, and volatile deity, was a divine patron like no other. Apollo might have favored the Trojans, and Hera the Greeks, but no god had ever cared for a people with the jealous obsessiveness of the God of Israel. Wise, he was also willful; all-powerful, he was also readily hurt; consistent, he was also alarmingly unpredictable.” [4]

Exploring Tom Holland’s Narrative on Christianity, Leadership, and Dominion

Tom Holland’s Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World explores Christianity’s enduring legacy and its implications for leadership in today’s world. Through a compelling narrative that spans centuries and resonates with biblical themes, Holland invites readers to reconsider the profound impact of Christian ideas on society and to envision a future where leadership is guided by principles of justice, compassion, and moral integrity. 

The magnificence of God shines through His divine grant of dominion to humanity, as detailed in the biblical account of Genesis. This mandate, granted to Adam and Eve, reflects God’s trust in humanity to steward the earth and its resources wisely. Tom Holland’s narrative further illuminates the profound implications of this divine charge. Through Holland’s exploration of Christianity’s influence on civilization, we understand that dominion extends far beyond mere authority. It embodies a responsibility to govern with wisdom, compassion, and faith. Holland’s narrative underscores how Christianity, with its foundational principles of love, justice, and sacrificial service, has shaped human history and empowered individuals to exercise dominion in ways that promote human flourishing and societal well-being. Through the lens of Tom Holland, we are reminded of the transformative power of Christian ideals and the profound responsibility entrusted to humanity by our Creator.


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Michael O'Neill

Director of Operations / Executive Pastor at Kinergy, Inc. Federal 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. An experienced entrepreneur, leader, father, wellness professional, and owner of a multi-location medical practice with my wife, Nicole O'Neill, MD.

3 responses to “Unveiling “Dominion””

  1. Jenny Steinbrenner Hale says:

    Michael, Thanks for your post! I especially loved your opening: “Praise be to God, whose goodness knows no bounds! This Easter I’m reminded of this awesome privilege we possess in knowing God, communing with Him, and ‘doing life’ with Him. I mean… what an honor?” You so capture here the whole reason we live! Thanks for this joyful opening. It can be so easy to get a bit bogged down in the responsibilities and required tasks of the day. You bring us back to what really matters. Thank you!

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  2. mm Becca Hald says:

    Michael, I agree with Jenny. Great opening. Yes, what an honor and a privilege to commune with God, to do life with Him. I have often wondered what life must have been like in the Garden. I have heard people comment that they do not want to go to heaven because it sounds boring. I think that must be the farthest thing from reality. One of my favorite fictional series is the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. In the first book, Black, he creates a world where God (Elyon in the book) plays with His creation – such as changing the laws of physics on a whim so people can fly. What will heaven be like? I think more wonderful than we can even imagine.

  3. mm Audrey Robinson says:

    Dr. Michael,
    I enjoyed reading your post.

    It was wonderful how you weaved the Scriptures and spiritual insights into your insights from Holland’s book.

    How has the Christian message or impact on the Western mind changed in the past few decades?

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