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Is Evangelicalism a Good Thing?

By: on January 11, 2018

In D.W. Bebbington’s work, “Evangelicalism in Modern Britain: A History from the 1730s to the 1980s, the author works diligently to present the history of Evangelicalism through the past 200 plus years. Early on, Bebbington defines the movement now being termed “evangelicalism” was best understood to mean, “of the gospel.”[1] With this thought in mind,…


The Importance of True Leaders

By: on December 7, 2017

Per 2016, the top 5 highest paid CEOs in America were (via salary and benefits)[1]: Ginni Rometty, IBM              $96,764,750 Elon Musk, Tesla                    $99,744,920 Sundar Pichai, Google            $106,502,419 Tim Cook, Apple                    $150,036,907 Marc Lore, Walmart                $236,896,191 In addition to these statistics, the top 3 highest paid Ministers in America were[2]: Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Copeland Ministries “According…


Christianity and Fascism

By: on November 16, 2017

“There is, to date, no single adequate definition of society in social theory…”[1] And yet, in this fascinating and highly informative book, Contemporary Social Theory: An Introduction, author Anthony Elliott dares to do just that. Elliott takes the struggle of dealing with modernity in an ever changing world, and diligently, through the works of scholars,…


God Sometimes Bestows It

By: on March 2, 2017

This week’s reading took a more subtle approach from recent weeks. Last few weeks we discussed the role of secularism but also the transformation of our global culture since the 1500s. Our challenge in this week’s reading as ministry leaders is that of isolation. The word itself suggests loneliness, so we (ministry leaders) have the…


Leading With Cognition

By: on October 28, 2016

As we continue our doctoral studies at George Fox, we learn many theories and definitions about leadership. What it is the leadership perspective? “As far as leadership studies go, it seems that more and more has been studied about less and less, to end up ironically with a group of researchers studying everything about nothing.”…


Thought About The Social Consequences?

By: on November 13, 2015

Why You Asking All These Questions? Finding the book   Social History of the Media by Burke and Briggs on kindle was impossible so if you are reading this it means you have evolved in the technological era. What sacrifice did you make to be online because I did not print this blog? Are you reading…


Nothing’s Wrong With A Poet

By: on October 16, 2015

Interestingly enough, Grenz/Olsen revealed that Bethany College vowed never to have a theology department. This speaks to the complexity with how we interact with the understanding of theology. The bias (or ignorance) against theology understands theology to be superstitious, boring and irrelevant to real life. The authors state, “It is not a question of whether…


Who Is BJ

By: on September 17, 2015

During my first semester of music school, I bought a pocket sized music dictionary that I carried around to help me understand music terminologies. I thought carrying the dictionary would make me smarter not because I knew all the answers but I knew where to find most of them. Whenever I tell people that, I…