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A Rare Glimpse Into A Historical Landmark…

By: on April 2, 2023

When I was a little girl I would create maps of our farmland with old napkins left in the truck and designate places that had an important value to me as a child. Whether it be the best spot to dig for worms, the place that denoted a dreaded snake hole, or even an x…

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Boys Will be Boys… Humph- Let Me Show You Differently!

By: on April 2, 2023

Gendered stereotypes tend to have an innocent until proven guilty vibe and they make me very tired. Let’s start with the line boys are better than girls at sports. My daughter and I would tell you differently. Although her and I’s chosen sports differ.. here are two examples to debunk that awful line with us…

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Friedman… Take 2: Focusing on Take Five Within My Project

By: on April 2, 2023

Have you ever wondered what makes that leader different? Why did they stand out among the world? What risks were they able to take than others around them and why? When reading his book for the second time I couldn’t help but compare everything my husband and I have gone through within starting our own…

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So You Want to Be a Leader… Start With This Book!

By: on April 2, 2023

Peter G. Northouse’s book “Leadership – Theory and Practice” is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and robust publications on leadership. It presents an overview of many leadership theories, approaches, and views while highlighting the importance of situational context in successful leadership. The book examines power and influence, motivation, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution,…

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I Never Thought I Would Ever Read a Book by Steven King!

By: on March 31, 2023

Stephen King’s book “On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft” is both a book on his writing craft and a personal account of his long career as a master storyteller. The author takes readers on an intimate journey through his writing problems, creative process, and insights into being a successful writer in today’s competitive…

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A Kingdom Kind of Coaching….

By: on March 31, 2023

Although geological knowledge and technical expertise are needed for gold mining, a different sort of prospecting is required for the mining of leaders. Coaching is essential for turning an individual into a strong leader. However there are some other keys such as time, patience, and a willingness to experiment with new methods. “We sometimes judge…

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Guilty Pleasures

By: on March 30, 2023

Consuming Religion Consuming Religion, Christian Faith and Practice in a Consumer Culture by David Miller is an insightful look at how consumer culture has affected religious beliefs and practices over the past century. Miller uses economic justice, environmental ethics, and postmodern theory, among other things, to show how much consumerism has taken over our lives.…

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You Know It When You See It

By: on March 30, 2023

Peter G. Northouse, Ph.D., is a Professor Emeritus of Communication in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. Northouse has spent over 30 years teaching leadership. His book, Leadership: Theory and Practice, is the world’s best-selling academic textbook on leadership.[1] Once you open the book and start to review the table of contents, you…

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What are you going to do with what God has given you…? Material Prosperity or Spiritual Growth – Can you have both?

By: on March 26, 2023

Vincent Miller reveals how consumerist ideas have crept into our religious activities, by putting more of an emphasis on consumerism than on a deep spiritual connection. This commercialization of religion has the potential to be detrimental.  Miller states that people must give up the materialistic ideals embedded in their beliefs if they are to completely…

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Is Solomon Responsible for Consumerism?

By: on March 24, 2023

Us versus Them Vincent Miller’s work in Consuming Religion: Christian Faith and Practice in a Consumer Culture is not an ‘Us’ (Christianity) versus ‘Them’ (Consumerism) read. Instead, Miller has taken a unique approach that provides the reader with a description of ‘Them,’ i.e., consumerism and all its tentacles in culture, and insights into how the Church…

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By: on March 19, 2023

Introduction: “Leadership: Theory and Practice” by Peter G. Northouse is a seminal work in the field of leadership studies. The book provides a comprehensive overview of various leadership theories and practices, offering readers an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in effective leadership. My review aims to evaluate the book’s strengths and weaknesses and highlight…

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Differentiating Authenticity

By: on March 17, 2023

Leadership, written by Peter Guy Northouse, is a comprehensive guide to leadership theories, research, and practices.[1] This book is much more than Northouse’s opinion about leadership, it is an all-encompassing manual for leadership at its core. Northouse provides a detailed chronology of leadership and provides readers with an understanding of both traditional and contemporary approaches…

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Fallacy:  To Know Better is to Do Better

By: on March 12, 2023

Pragya Agarwal, in her book, Sway Unraveling Unconscious Bias, explains through research from various disciplines, real stories, and scientific theories the unintentional biases we all experience. Dr. Agarwal demonstrates where the biases come from, how they affect our perspectives and decision-making, and most importantly, why it is necessary to unlearn them. In her book, she…

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The Hippie and the Old Man

By: on March 7, 2023

Some of you may be familiar with the story, of the “Hippie and the Old Man.” The infamous tale has been used in many sermons over the years and become a staple illustration of God’s love for his people at their core. The message in the story is much more important than whether this event…

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Leadership vs. the Boss

By: on March 5, 2023

I spent a great amount of money (that I will not disclose) on season tickets to see the New Orleans Saints. To say that I am a fan is an understatement. If I could I would follow them to each and every game because I love to see my team playing football. I once did…

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What is land without a man…

By: on March 4, 2023

Map that Changed the World I choose not to focus on war and land, it is such a sore subject. I choose instead to focus on the man that suffered so greatly to create what the book refers to as “The Map that Changed the World”. I would like to speak to the amount of…

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Tribe of Issachar

By: on March 3, 2023

The Great Transformation by Karl Polanyi is an ambitious, encompassing work to uncover what went wrong with self-regulating markets and the corresponding effects on civilization, especially during the turn of the 19th century. Polanyi was born in 1886 in Vienna and was an economic historian, social theorist, and political economist. He lived through two wars,…

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Christian Embedding

By: on March 3, 2023

Evangelicalism and capitalism have long been intertwined, but the relationship has shifted dramatically in recent years. For Max Weber, Émile Durkheim, and Georg Simmel, the exploration of the institutions of modern capitalism was an important part of their respective social theories, and the neglect of this issue left a void in sociological scholarship during the…

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Through the fire…

By: on March 3, 2023

Tempered Resilence: The author is attempts to explain to us how one becomes a leader after being subjected to challenging circumstances. The author uses the analogy of going through the process of blacksmithing. He explains that those that can stand to go through the tempered times are true leaders. He predicts  that those that can…

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