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By: on September 14, 2020

Abba ‘Abba, help us along the way, to slow down and stop. Here, may we find home in You as we are reminded of our wandering there, home in You; a light-hearted rest. Home is with us, even in us; Home is along the way and Home is in our destination. In Jesus, Amen.’ Reptilian…

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The capitalist system

By: on January 20, 2020

The capitalist system A market is a social structure that brings together a buyer and a seller to agree on a price to exchange goods or services. … The nature of market is such that the market always tries to bring itself to equilibrium. The question I ask myself about the issue is capitalism. where does capitalism go? We may not know the…

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Sim, Introducing Critical Theory

By: on October 26, 2019

Remember Sokal scandal? The particularity of Sokal is that it focuses its attacks on scientific impositions produced by humanities specialists and not on communities of natural scientists; it does not announce any news about the ethical behavior of scientific production. However, it has the merit of triggering the update of the debate on the scientific…

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Reading – Pink, Doing Visual Ethnography.

By: on October 14, 2019

Pink touch on a very familiar topic of ethnography, which is very close to my interest.  As I think of the essential keys words that couture my attention like Image-illustration of concepts, objectivity, visual anthropology, audiovisual ethnography, fiction, documentary, representation, re-enactment, photographic potentiality, media transfer, resignification, memory. I think of the words of Clifford “[…]…

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There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills

By: on June 20, 2019

I absolutely love reading Tom Camacho, Mining for Gold: Developing Kingdom Leaders Through Coaching. I spoke to me on many different levels, and while it was not the most prolific academic work we have read thus far, it is powerful, practical and I would even add prophetic for where leadership is going.   Camacho self…

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Morgan Freeman is Just an Actor

By: on January 17, 2019

“Secularism is the loss of the true life of the Church, the alienation of Church members from the genuine Church spirit. Secularism is the rejection of the ecclesiastic ethos and the permeation of our life by the so called worldly spirit. It should be stressed that secularism of the Church members is a gravest danger.…

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Empowering Follower-Leaders

By: on November 15, 2018

I’ll never forget my first camp counsellor. I was eight, and it was my first week away at camp. She was loud, she was fun, she was encouraging AND she let us paint her for counsellor paint. I can still sing some of the songs that she taught us that week. Not only did she…

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What did you just say to me!?

By: on September 20, 2018

When discussing my father as a minister in my youth, I will often say, “He was not a good preacher, but he loved God.” The comment is never meant as an insult to my father’s ability to preach the gospel, but rather, my father’s ability to preach in general. He is an ex-marine; gruff, tough…

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Total Recall Requires Grit and Scientology?

By: on October 19, 2017

Derek Rowntree’s Learn How to Study: Developing the Study Skills and Approaches to Learning that Will Help you Succeed in University, is a comprehensive and systematic approach to studying and is helpful for anyone who wants to grow as a learner. If you have never read Rowntree’s text I suggest you begin with Chapter Five:…

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