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♪♩♫ Fa la la la la la la la Leadership! ♩♫ ♪

Written by: on November 17, 2023

The book the Sound of Leadership by Jules Glanzer is a comprehensive guide for aspiring and established leaders to build healthy rhythms and harmonize their teams. Get it… HARMONIZE? Bada bum…. 


I’m late to this blog but I’m not sad about it!  It truly helped me a lot with this one! I was having trouble grasping this book, and it was great to receive the author’s firsthand opinion! It’s not every day that you get to talk with the author about their work! This program has repeatedly provided this opportunity! He not only added depth to the huge umbrella of leadership… he also supplied real-life practical experience as the head of his university. In this book, he discusses his leadership experiences and lessons learned, offering readers practical guidance and strategies. It is essentially a compilation of everything Glanzer wishes he’d known as a young leader. I really enjoyed his transparency not only in the book but in our conversation as a group! 


One thing that I couldn’t quite grasp was that there was so much emphasis on music within leadership. After my inquiry to him it turns out this author didn’t have a musical background at all! Funny enough, he found something that helped the reader understand the concept and ran with it! It turns out because sound is so descriptive it makes a great metaphor! 


One of my favorite things from Mr. Glanzer was that he said, “I was there long enough that the problems we were solving I had heaped to create!” WOW! What a profound thing to put into words! 


The next thing that I really grasped on to is, “The loudest most passionate & majority voice is not always the one to listen to!” 


Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in who is becoming the squeaky wheel! Don’t necessarily get caught up in that person though… Look at the whole picture! 


Last but not least, he left us with a fantastic technique to triage within our leadership circuit! 


The best 3 questions that can be asked when tension happens: 

  1. What do you want to preserve?
  2. What do you want to avoid happening?
  3. What do you want to achieve?


I have now deemed these at the Stop, drop and Roll of Glanzer! If you think about it these simple pauses can help transform a sticky situation. 


Jules left us with this… “Don’t forget to lead from who you are and who you are becoming with a Ministry mindset. “


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Alana Hayes

Alana is a mother to four beautiful children and wife to a farmer in Texas. She is an avid world traveler with a heart for both the world and education. She is the president of the nonprofit Against the Grain Texas where they focus on providing education to children overseas and at risk adults in the states. To date the nonprofit has given almost $100,000 to individuals around the world. In her free time she loves spending meaningful time with people and reading to further her personal education.

5 responses to “♪♩♫ Fa la la la la la la la Leadership! ♩♫ ♪”

  1. mm Shonell Dillon says:

    Great post. What is it you would like to preserve? I think if I had to answer the question I would love to perserve the peace that I found in the Lord. The closer you get him, the harmony starts to change and peace is a challenge. But I have found out that it is Gods work even when it does not feel good.

  2. Kristy Newport says:

    Thanks for the summary on Glanzer and his work.
    I cant help but wonder how you might answer these questions in life of leadership in parenting, Leadership with Freds, and or leadership with the church you are building in Nepal:

    What do you want to preserve?
    What do you want to avoid happening?
    What do you want to achieve?

  3. Tonette Kellett says:


    I enjoyed your post on the Sound of Leadership. My favorite quote was this…

    “The loudest most passionate & majority voice is not always the one to listen to!”

    How true this is! It’s often not the loudest voice or the majority voice to listen to at all, but the still small voice.

    • Alana Hayes says:

      This is so true! When I think of this I think of my kids… I have a quiet one… but he is always thinking! Its easy for me to tend to the loud twins first… but thats not always what needs to happen.

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