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Work Hard to Burn…Out!

Written by: on August 27, 2012

One of the comments Dr. Daniel Dongwon Lee shared in his presentation that relates to my work is the “Balance in work and rest” issue.It is too easy to wake up in the morning and my first action is to check my emails on my IPhone. Technology significantly increases our work load and the pressure to respond 24/7. It was encouraging to be reminded of the three R’s: Reflection, Refreshment and Recreation. My colleagues have similar problems of working too hard only to burn out. Dr. Lee is insightful when he poses the question that this may be one of the causes of moral decay in our churches and I would add in our families. Addressing the spiritual aspect of rest for business professionals could be a way to share our faith with others and this could be a positive aspect of bringing morality back into the work place.

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