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When Your Alter Ego is T-Rex

Written by: on April 10, 2022

This past week I tripped over a makeshift gate in our garage.  In order to protect my ribs I put out my right hand to break my fall.  My right shoulder took the brunt of the fall as my arm was forces upward.  I could hear the pop in my shoulder as enjoyed the exquisite stabbing pain.  I have had an x-ray that proved no bones were broken as well as no dislocation.  It is now up to my insurance to approve an MRI to see if I have a torn…well…anything.

All this to say that typing currently takes a great deal of effort.

I found Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are by Daniel Nettles a helpful resource to expand my understanding of the Big 5 test I took in February. I want to share a couple of websites I had looked at prior to my injury. The study I was beginning to journey on was the correlation of the Big 5 Personality traits and the part of the country one lives.  How do these 2 aspects (called geopsychology) help me prepare for my new ministry context in North Carolina? How do my predominate traits inform how I might engage leadership in that part of the country with their trait disposition?

By the way, my results from the test:  Conscientiousness 67%, Agreeableness 77%, Neuroticism 4%, 92% Openness, Extraversion 71%.  My core pattern is EMPATHETIC IDEALIST being describe as one who “uses insight and creativity to help others. Thinks about how the world could be a better and more
beautiful place.” My communication pattern is SHARED VISION describe as one who “Enjoys expressing ideas and vision. Loves to brainstorm and discuss
possibilities. Tends to focus on future goals and abstract ideas.”





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Nicole Richardson

PC(USA) pastor serving a church in Kansas City. In my spare time I teach yoga and scuba diving

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  1. mm Denise Johnson says:

    Nicole, you make me laugh! Thank you!
    My arms may reach the keyboard, but brain has a hard time showing up to the party. I pray that your shoulder continues to heal completely without any long-term issues. The analysis of your scores seem to fit what I have come to know of you.
    My scores are:
    Conscientiousness 98%, Agreeableness 104%, Neuroticism 33%, 84% Openness, Extraversion 82%
    May you have a safe, smooth, and uneventful move to North Carolina.

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