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Visual Ethnography: FA 2014 Edition

Written by: on December 2, 2014


I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season, celebrating our Saviour! We’ll chat soon, no?


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Julie Dodge

Julie loves coffee and warm summer days. She is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Concordia University, Portland, a consultant for non-profit organizations, and a leader at The Trinity Project.

3 responses to “Visual Ethnography: FA 2014 Edition”

  1. Ashley says:

    Brilliant, as always. I love how you weaved our friendships and experiences together. Stories were the most powerful piece from our Advance for me, as well. I’m thankful for you, Julie!

  2. rhbaker275 says:

    Hey, Julie,
    Really great VE and synthesis! Your being able (allowing but I don’t think that was ever in question) your mom to join the advance was just terrific! She participated so with enthusiasm and added to our time socially and academically. Tell her I said, “Thanks.” Watchout – she might be joining cohort six! Wasn’t it great that she got to meet Mary Burton and you got a photo. Memories forever.

    I liked your visuals – very appropriate depicting well your sentiments. Like you, I have read much, followed the conferences and even known to reconciliation pastors who were involved in abolishing apartheid in the eighties and nineties, but is is not the same as going, visiting District 6 and listening to people like Noor and Mary.

    You note, “A highlight of the Advance for me was the great friendships that we have built in our cohort.” You don’t need to persuade me here … my feelings verbatim. I wonder if we can keep this going into Hong Kong? How old will Deve be?

    You had a lot of great personal experiences, thanks for sharing.

    • rhbaker275 says:

      Julie, one other item,
      Where did you and Ashley upload your VE synthesis Word doc so you could link to your post.

      I have a drop box and I thought to upload there but there is a restricted viewing window.

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