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The Endless Activity of God

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History does not happen to God. God is timeless. No matter the century, movement, or memorable decade in world history, God is turning the pages of time at His own discretion and pace. Whether we are reflecting over thousands of years and talking about King David centralizing the government of Israel or the Second Coming of Jesus, it is God who allows/permits the times to change. In Terry Eagleton’s book, Culture and the Death of God, one of the major highlights, if not the major highlight for me, takes me back to the recurring message I heard in my childhood years during Sunday school. That is – God’s not dead; He is alive.

King David

As a lad working in his father’s fields, David was anointed by Samuel, a prophet sent by God to hand pick David as the next king of Israel. Typically speaking, God had instituted the firstborn male to be the heir and recipient of blessings such as lands, kingdoms, and other family assets. In the case of David and other biblical characters, God chose to ignore the cultural rules. Flowing against the status quo, God skips over seven older siblings of David for him to be the next king of Israel. Here, God once more demonstrated that He is the game changer in any situation. While David was anointed as King of Israel, his appointment as king matured decades later. Yet again, this too was subject to God’s timing.

World Culture Today

Modern day, our society pushes for individuals to be the captain of their own souls. In other words, people often act like they are accountable to no one so they do as they please. Yet, there is that moment when even those individuals realize that their souls are broken and in need of repair. They don’t have the ultimate answers for healing such pain (and its ultimate cause). Still, they make an attempt at finding wholeness and inner healing. What is interesting to me is that the various methods tend to require that a person releases something (pain or darkness), yet nothing is put back in to fill the void. However, Christianity holds to a God who encourages his followers to exchange arrogance for humility, darkness for light, hatred for love, and selfishness for Christlikeness. No matter where a person is in the world, the goodness of God can be witnessed throughout the simple nuances of daily life. No matter what, God cannot be separated from the human experience. This is a reality about him that continues through the ages.


From the beginning of time until now, the activity and life of God is felt and witnessed throughout interaction of mankind. From the rising of the sun, to the latest in technology, or the attempt to eliminate God from the human experience, nothings happens that God has not already orchestrated to flow in concert with His historical realities. While some will continue to try to prove the nonexistence of God, God still has the final say in all matters and makes his way in onto every scene in history to let people know that He is still at work.

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