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Colleen Batchelder: Spotlight Bio Story

Written by: on June 8, 2016

 Colleen Batchelder     Colleen Batchelder Bio Story                      


“The place God calls you to is the place where your deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet.”

– Frederick Buechner


Colleen’s greatest passion is to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who fear stepping into the doors of the sanctuary. Her deepest gladness comes from helping others understand their worth and purpose. She gave her life to Christ at three years old and received her calling at the age of fourteen. God has provided her with opportunities to minister all over the world. Her acting career began when she was sixteen at Surflight Professional Theater on Long Beach Island, NJ. Learning from some of the best professionals in the business, making friends, and enjoying warm summer nights at the Shore. Having studied voice since she was thirteen, she traveled to Tuscany, Italy to study Opera at eighteen. It was a wonderful summer of singing, with people from around the world. Colleen performed at various cathedrals and venues, but her greatest love was ministering to fellow singers and actors behind the curtain.

After completing her Associates Degree in NJ, she attended Bible College in California, and spent a semester in York, England. Colleen’s ancestry is English, Irish, and Scottish, and she felt right at home in Britain. As a student, there were many opportunities to share the gospel with the youth of York. Friday nights, several of her mates would join her down by the river walk to minister to teens who were searching for hope. She was blessed to see several come to Christ during her time there. She also enjoyed attending an Anglican Church for the first time while In England, and conversing about theology at the local pub.

One of her fondest memories, was the summer she spent in Kauai, HI, living in a safari tent surrounded by wild boars, centipedes, geckos, frogs and goats. She was a camp counselor to teen girls and worked with the Children’s director in overseeing VBS. To be used by God to help lead another generations to find their purpose and calling in Christ was a blessing. The scenery was spectacular and God’s hand was evident.

Colleen went on to complete her Master of Arts in Religion through Liberty University and School of Divinity. She loved studying Greek and Hebrew, and realized that understanding the text in the original language was essential to completely understanding the context of God’s Word. Theology and Apologetics enabled her to gain a greater compassion for her generation and understand of the various views of culture.

After completing her Master’s Degree, Colleen started the nonprofit Recklessly Abandoned Ministries, Inc. This ministry helps Christians to understand that they are Saved FROM Something and Saved FOR Something. This organization currently ministers through motivational speaking, blogging, and conferences. There is also an interview forum called #MillennialMonday which highlights the voice of the skeptic, the progressive and the conservative.

She is currently a doctoral candidate studying for her DMin in Leadership and Global Perspectives. GFES has become one of the greatest pillars in Colleen’s worldview. The professors and cohort has challenged her to deepen her understanding of inter-generational ministry and cultural perspective.

Colleen currently resides in New Jersey, and when she’s not pouring over books, you can find her exploring NYC, traveling around the world, working on her first book or relaxing with a Chai Latte.



About the Author

Colleen Batchelder

I speak at conferences, churches, companies and colleges on intergenerational communication, marketing, branding your vision and living authentically in a ‘filtered’ world. My talks are customized to venue needs and audience interests. My passion is to speak with organizations and bridge the intergenerational gap. I consult with companies, individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations and help them create teams that function from a place of communication that bridges the generational gap. I’m also the Founder and President of LOUD Summit – a young adult organization that presents workshops, seminars and summits that encourage, empower and equip millennials to live out their destiny and walk in their purpose. When I’m not studying for my DMin in Leadership and Global Perspectives at Portland Seminary, you can find me enjoying a nice Chai Latte, exploring NYC or traveling to a new and exotic destination.

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