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‘Stand Out’ My Strength Assessment – Stimulator and Teacher

Written by: on June 28, 2013


“Stimulator – You are the host of other people’s emotions. You feel responsible for them, for turning them around, for elevating them

A stimulator according to the book “Stand Out” is an energy giving person (153). I am a natural optimist, even in the face of adversity I find that I like to ensure that people are happy and at peace. I like to see the best come of people. Even when I face my own pain, I tend to want to ensure that I am standing on my own and others are doing so. I engage in their emotions and what they are going through in order to see what encourage them. I love being out and love the outdoors especially where there are people and church is a natural place for me. I am not sure that I pay attention so much to my appearance unless I know it will attract too much attention to me. I have always felt like a ‘free bird’ and love to engage with others.

It is true that I find strength in affirming other people’s point of view. I love helping people and ensuring they find what they want. I volunteer in high risk responsibilities. During the 2007-2008 post-election violence in Kenya, I was at the fore front of going to find out what the people who had lost they property needed in terms of their real needs. I find the best in other but I also tend to wonder why others do not support others to be at their best. I love to see that I achieve things to the end.

How will I work on this strength? I will learn to tell storied and dramatize them. I will have a new office so I will make it lively and interesting yet serious and official. I will take a lead to ensure the new people coming to the office will be comfortable since most of them have never worked in a big city.

Teacher – you are thrilled by the potential you see in each person. Your power comes from learning how to unleash it”

I love teaching, I especially love to see when teaching the small significant changes that people make as they learn new ideas and ways of doing things. I love working with teams and leading people to adapt to new ideas. The process of seeing change by people to improve their lives fascinates me. I love to give people an opportunity to grow and find ways to improve on the process and path of life they are in.

I love learning and I engage in learning so that I can see how best to improve the lives of those around me who look up to me. I use many of the things that I learn in order to help others. As I have worked in church for the last six months, I have found that even though I didn’t have formally opportunities to teach, I was finding ways to impact people lives and improve the ways they work in the office. I have enjoyed the reading and that I have done for the DMin so far even though some of the books I have read were not relevant in my context, I always try to look for ways in which I can apply some of the concepts in my ministry context.

As I begin my new job I will ensure I keep referring to the book to see how I can use it in my new role as Director of Outreach, in Missions and Evangelism. I will need to leads teams, attend council meetings and make decision on behalf of others. I look forward to seeing the ministry grow a different level in the 21st Century by being faithful to the Bible, being contextually relevant as well as being reflective practitioner.

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