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Shine For Jesus Prezi.

Written by: on June 23, 2020


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Wallace Kamau

Wallace is a believer in Christ, Married to Mary Kamau (Founder and Executive Director of Missions of Hope International) and father to 3 Wonderful children, Imani Kamau (Graduate student at London School of Economics, UK), Victory Kamau (Undergraduate student at Portland state University, Oregon, USA) and David Kamau ( Grade student at Rosslyn Academy). Founder and Director, Missions of Hope International (www.mohiafrica.org), CPA, BAchelor of Commerce (Accounting) from University of Nairobi, Masters of Arts (Leadership) from Pan African Christian University.

2 responses to “Shine For Jesus Prezi.”

  1. Mary Pandiani says:

    How apt your title, “Shine for Jesus,” as your work both in the Prezi and everything else you’re doing reflects this desire. You authentically reveal a man after God’s own heart – humble and strong – who seeks an integrated life of loving God and others. May you find joy on the journey of your dissertation.

  2. Thank you Dr Mary, I’m certainly a much better person after this journey of learning in the Dmin Program,. I’m really looking forward to finishing my dissertation and graduating as I pursue the God given mission of raising more leaders in vulnerable communities. I really appreciate the Process and accountability of the PLDP, it’s helped me to be more focused as a leader and be more intentional in the development of my leadership. God’s blessings.

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