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Re-designing a Room

Written by: on May 17, 2014

Josh Kaufman, in his book “The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything Fast,” he determines that, well, anyone can learn pretty much anything fast.  There were several thing I considered learning: how to draw, a new language, advanced piano ear-training.  However, ultimately I chose “a lovable project” and something out of necessity.  I recently got married and my friend who was renting from me moved out.  So, I have a guest room and a guest bathroom that need re-designing; and guests coming in a few weeks.  So, this was a perfect project for this assignment: how to re-design a room.  Kaufman suggests several things on his “checklist for effective learning.”

1. Research the skill and related topics.

I did this by watching numerous how-to online videos on preparing and painting a room.  I also asked two people that I know have re-designed and painted rooms about their techniques.  I looked at several rooms on Pinterest and decided to pull some ideas from this one, especially the gray walls and white linens.


2. Jump in over your head.

With guests coming in two weeks I went to Home Depot, selected a painting palette, created a list and gathered the supplies: paint, rollers, brush, tape, etc. (my pup Bella found it all very interesting.)


3. Imagine the opposite of what you want.

Well, I knew I didn’t want a half-finished room so I got started.  My husband helped me move the furniture out of the room, except for this armoire which we slid to the center and covered with a tarp to protect it from paint.


4. Talk to practitioners to set expectations.

Although I did this to see what kind of time frame I might need to complete my task, I forgot to ask certain questions.  As my husband pointed out…I painted over the light switch.  (oops!)


5. Honor your biology.

After several days of research, planning, purchasing, prepping, and painting I have decided to take a day to work on my class assignments.  So, at this point I have a room with two coats of gorgeous (French Silver) paint.  This assignment is due today, but this evening I will be painting the trim and looking for a beautiful headboard and rug for the room.  I already have the white linens.  I have also taped and prepped the bathroom which I will be painting with a darker luscious gray color.  I purchased all white towels, deep gray rugs and a white fabric curtain for the bathroom.  I am on my way to having a beautiful guest room.  I’m enjoying this activity immensely and I think I’ve caught the bug to do more re-designing.



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