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Prezi Post

Written by: on May 23, 2019



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3 responses to “Prezi Post”

  1. Jay Forseth says:


    Rock solid Prezi! Well done and thank you for your focus and continued reminders about spiritual warfare. “Our battle is not against flesh and blood…”

    Looking forward to finishing the summer term and seeing how our writing advances!


  2. Chris Pritchett says:

    Such a strong and wise articulation of your journey with Christ and in ministry and family. You have your priorities in the right order, are aware of the forces of darkness at play all the time and remain compassionate toward people. Your years of service and faithfulness have resulted in much fruit in your life. Thank you for sharing your fruit with us – it’s delicious and sweet!

  3. Mary Pandiani says:

    Mike – you have an integrity to your life that reflects a consistency of discipleship, faithfulness, and love for God. As you continue the work into which God has called you, may you find the ongoing freedom in Jesus Christ who has paved the way for you and me.

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