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Phil Goldsberry: Spotlight Bio Story

Written by: on June 21, 2017

Version 2Phil Goldsberry lives up to the title of his book, Life in the Dash: A Closer Look at the Not-So-Fine Line Between Birth and What Happens Next, that he published in 2007.  In his book he encourages everyone to live the life that they want to be spoken about when the inevitable happens.  His prescribed epitaph is, “Love God, Love People”.

Anyone who spends a few minutes with Phil will know that he is a gifted and articulate leader that is not afraid to risk.  The word “normal” is not a part of his vocabulary.  He embraces excellence and passion in everything he does.  The word “lazy” has never been used to describe Phil.

Next to his passion for God is his passion for his family.   Pamela, his wife since his first year of college in 1976, is the love of his life.  Be around the two of them and you will know that they are still madly in love with each other.  Together they have produced three children that reflect the two of them in so many aspects.  The Goldsberry family still enjoys family vacations together even though two of their children are in their thirties.


Beside his beautiful wife and three children, his five grandchildren will be the topic of conversation very quickly.  Being “Poppy” to these five, is one of Phil’s greatest accomplishments in life.  Though they live bicoastal, “Poppy” will see his grandkids multiple times per year.

Phil has been a pastor for over 35 years serving from a church planter in the New York metro area to a mega-church of over 5,000 in Nashville.  Beyond the pulpit he loves music and the adrenaline rush from water sports to motorcycles.  He has a keen eye for interior design, business and an entrepreneurial spirit that initiated his first business in elementary school.

Phil has traveled extensively for ministry and pleasure.  He co-founded a foundation, Soter Global Ministries, which reaches into second and third world countries offering medical training, emergency preparedness, business training, and pastoral care.  He presently serves as the Chairman of the Board.

Phil serves on the senior leadership team of Global Network of Christian Ministries.  Global is a “relationship based clearing house” for ministers to connect and develop relationships both in the United States and around the world.

Phil’s desire for education prompted him to pursue his master’s degree at Oral Roberts University in his early fifties.  He is now pursuing his Doctor of Ministry from George Fox University in preparation for a future role as an educator to the next generation.  His doctoral program is focused on “Leadership in Global Perspectives”.  His doctoral program will have Phil traveling to three concentrations in Hong Kong, London, and South Africa over the duration of his doctoral program.

Since his twenties, he has envisioned a university connected to a church he would pastor.  Phil’s heart for education is evident within his local church and the programs that surround his local church.   Time is yet to tell how this will unfold in Phil’s future.

Phil lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area where he pastors Christ Life Church, a multi-site church.  His dream is to establish seven campuses in the Phoenix Valley within the next decade.  Christ Life Church is a Bible-based, Christian church that desires to Reach, Impact, and Empower people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Phil has an uncanny fear of heights.   As long as the surface below him is solid and not transparent, he does well.  His ability to risk helped him to skydive from 15,000 feet over Kauai, Hawaii and face that fear when he turned 50 years old.




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