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Pentecost the Origin Revived

Written by: on October 30, 2015

Pentecost the Origin of our Pentecostal Faith


October 29, 15


Reading that many Pentecostal movements are doing things that their denominations have never done is right on line with my thought process. They are moving away from structured ecclesiastical structures to Pentecostal movements that are being blessed and not so structured. Even though the structured ones are existing there is a decline in their membership and attendance. What really tripped me out the most is that what is going on in other countries and east of the north is more interesting. The authors of this book really defined the time we are in and defined movements I did not know existed. In college I wanted to be very educated but I can’t say words like other people. But I struggle with leading and trying to understand that some leaders just want to be in power. I don’t want just to be in power like they do I feel more responsible than anything I never wanted to even be a pastor. I made more money being in construction and I could hire people to lead people. And now I am thinking about why? I was baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. And to a person who speak in tongues the Pentecostal experience is not without the glossaria! And how are you closer to animism when you dance in the Spirit and worship in the Spirit without the Holy Ghost experience? I hate that word animism. When we talk about the expression of the Holy Spirit in its many forms can you demean it to cultural exercises of religion? I know God deplores that assumption too! The results of being baptized with the Holy Spirit is the evidence of speaking in tongues! And instead of doubting anything just believe if it don’t happen then you are correct but if it do preach it. Intellectuals love to explain away the reality of the move of God. Is God subordinate to our intelligence or are we subordinate to his? Christianity here or around the world should always be Pentecostal. My biggest battles now are with established norms that don’t care about their social environment and I did not care either. I was just like them because I was taught that but no more. Progressive Christianity is defined by Progressive Pentecostals as Christian who claim to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and the life of Jesus and seeks to holistically address the spiritual, physical, and social nests of people in the community.[1] I feel that I am on the track for this as a pastor I am not interested in reproducing the same thing that gave our denomination its distinctive. I am interested in transforming this idea into something that the 21st Century can learn and grow from. It’s very lonely though right now. I seem like a ship just sitting but I am encouraged. I know God did not bring me this far for nothing. I don’t want to ever go into what is established already I need inspiration for just the idea. I will follow through and follow the Spirit of Pentecostalism. I am more prepared to get back to basis like prayer and fasting. I feel that sometimes I am spoiled and lethargic and I need to be a leader in spirituality, which requires sacrifice. But I am ready to do it. I don’t thing spiritual movements just happen I think spiritual leaders get more spiritual with God and then we see results

[1] Donald E. Mille and Tetstuano Yamarori, Global Pentecostalism: The New Face of Christian Social Engagement (Berkley: University Press, 2007) , 2.

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Travis Biglow

Pastor of Victory Empowerment Center. Regional Chaplain High Desert Regional Center Graduates Azusa Pacific University. Licensed General Contractor B. I am the married with one daughter, two grandsons and one step son.

11 responses to “Pentecost the Origin Revived”

  1. Mary Pandiani says:

    I hear a desire in your writing to be responsive to what the Holy Spirit is doing, whether people understand it or not. Especially in this statement: “Intellectuals love to explain away the reality of the move of God. Is God subordinate to our intelligence or are we subordinate to his?” I’m doing quite a bit of reading around the nature of wisdom – it doesn’t necessarily relate to intelligence as much as it is connected to the living out the values given to us by God. Sounds like you are a wise man, Travis.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      God bless you Mary. It is important to be educated and wise. Solomon said for us to get knowledge but above all get understanding. The thing about God is that we have to give the greatest room for our faith or what we are learning about him wont be useful.

  2. Dave Young says:

    Travis, I’m with you in wanting to follow after the moving of the Spirit. Listen for what the Spirit is speaking to us today, and like you I recognize that the temporary dry times might require a season of prayer and fasting to see a breakthrough. You sound a bit discouraged/frustrated in this post. I hope you hear God’s voice speak clearly to your spirit and as a result there is a fresh wind of the Spirit in your church. Thanks Travis for being so transparent. dave

    • Travis Biglow says:

      Thank you Dave, i have gotten frustrated at times and that is normal when you are in the place of waiting. I like to be real because its like a lot of preachers will act like they never had disappointing times and seasons. And the truth is we do. But i am encouraged because i have an inner witness that keeps me knowing the Lord is moving into that place he has for me.

  3. Phillip Struckmeyer says:

    Travis, I hear you and am right there with you. This book also sparked the desire to get more hungry for the spiritual disciplines that lead us to Jesus, personal transformation, and social impact. It seems the further we go on the journey with Jesus the easier it is to think we have gone far enough and we are basically doing what he is wanting us to do. Unfortunately we lose our edge however and the passion and impact seems to weaken. I will be praying for you as we all fight for more Jesus passion and God’s greater impact through our lives.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      Amen I want to stay in the move of the Spirit of God. It is so easy to get lethargic and not maintain the spiritual discipline to be alive and thriving!

  4. Dawnel Volzke says:

    I hear your passion, yet excitement to lead others as the Holy Spirit leads you. My red flag goes up anytime people are in power and masses follow them for what they say alone. It is a huge responsibility for pastors to ensure that they are clearly following the direction of the Spirit and staying grounded in His Word. Unfortunately, people will often follow what the pastor says before they will actually open the Bible to see what His Word says. I love the fact that you constantly point people back to His Word.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      Thank you Dawnel, it is my mission to let people know that God wants to bless them just like me. I might have a position as a pastor but the word of God is for everyone. It is not easy knowing exactly. I am studying and researching, praying, waiting and believing him. But its not to say something just for people to follow me. I want them to follow him as I follow him too!

  5. Nick Martineau says:

    Travis, Thanks for sharing your journey, your struggle, and your heart. The answer to it all has to be the Spirit, right? That’s what I got from the book and from your post. Thanks for pointing us back to the only thing that actually matters.

    • Travis Biglow says:

      Amen Nick back to the Origin of the early church. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Jesus instructed the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they are endued with power from on high. Hallelujah!

  6. Brian Yost says:

    “Is God subordinate to our intelligence or are we subordinate to his?”

    Travis, this is a question that we should ask ourselves every day. Wouldn’t it be great if every dialogue between those of our various traditions could begin with submitting our intelligence to God?

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