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Written by: on May 28, 2013

I came to know about George Fox with the use of a napkin. Dan Brunner, a professor at George Fox was attending the Amahoro Gathering in Cape Town in 2009. I was asked to join the Africa Board of Amahoro and accepted. I wondered if I was up to the task in providing leadership for such a vibrant and growing organization. On the last day during breakfast, I met Dan and as I mumbled whether I was up to the task, he asked me if I would consider training for leadership at a fantastic school named George Fox University that were beginning a new program. I said I would love to know more and so we exchanged addressed on out breakfast paper napkins.

Now, four years later this week, I was asked to consider being part of the governing council of Amahoro Africa yet again with a fantastic team of leaders from all over the world. (www.amahoroafrica.org) and I accepted. I was also dealing with a career transition from my current place of ministry to a new opening. The assignment, as I read the book by Dan Roam, was to illustrate a particular problem that I am facing and use the book to do so. This assignment would not have come at a better time.

Roam’s illustrations have helped me visualize work transition I need to make through images in my mind and the reality of the decision that I have to make by 30th June. Do stay at my current placement or do I move to a new challenging ministry opportunity? The SQVID framework helped me discern and capture my imagination concerning the issue. The way I need to address the six questions as I visualize my problem is important. The questions that I have to ask myself have made me ‘look’ and ‘see’ the issue, then ‘imagine’  the possibilities and finally ‘show’ the best possible solution.

I have struggled to get my images right but the process has helped me make an informed decision that I can defend with words and images on the best possible course of action in the next month. I am confident I will make the right decision.

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