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I Am Enough!

Written by: on October 13, 2023

I rather enjoyed The Sound of Leadership from Jules Glanzer.[1] In this fast paced world, often we forget we are leading the orchestra. In our own ego we strive to be the best, or to satisfy the crowds, we sometimes forget we have control over the war drums pushing the ship, inspiring and encouraging the people to keep going. What would happen if the war drums stopped, the oars did not move, the boat just went with the current? It is important as leaders, God has given His trust to us to make decisions out of who we are. We must remember when God wants change, He plants a person and out of that persons heart, change happens.

The Age of Quick Fixes

From Friedman’s book on Failure of Nerve Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix.[2] I believe his title says it all. Too often, we look for the quick fix so we can keep going without slowing down or altering our lifestyles. I believe this is the main point Jules Glanzer is making to us, your leadership should reflect who you are and who you are becoming in Christ. We can allow and have grace for the tempering process of being the leader God created us to be.

Main Theme

Jules Ganzer book The Sound of Leadership is more like sitting and having a coaching session with a mentor. It is less academic but more personable. We can take away these main four points from the Sound of Leadership:

  • Listening to competing voices and making good decisions
  • Tuning into the way God has used your life experiences, skills, and personality to shape your influence
  • Composing your personal mission and vision statement
  • Scaling your leadership, developing your legacy, and investing in the next generation of leaders

Common Thread

We can see a common thread throughout the doctoral program. However, what I appreciate most about this program, it is not about buying into and understanding a model that brings success into your church or organization. I believe this is the biggest failure in the Western Church, to dress a certain way, talk a certain way. After all, if we all quack like a duck, eventually we will be accepted as a duck. We have to stop wanting the applause of the crowds and come back in to being the person and leader God created us to be. When will we stop looking to a form of service to bring success in ministry and leadership.

Life Example

I have a pretty amazing wife. Her dad was a well known pastor and even has a library and scholarships in his name. I even accepted Jesus Christ at a young age at one of his services. However, I am always humbled by his daughter who is now my wife. I repent often around my wife, she is so caring, so loving, has so much mercy, I often feel like this neanderthal. I want to get mad at her at times, but how can you get angry with someone who lives a lifestyle of being a Christian.

When I first met Amy I felt an anointing and prophetic anointing that had never been nurtured, developed, and released. For some reason it was always looked over. My wife loves to be a mom and is very soft spoken and filled with Joy. No one can be around her without feeling better. She leads relationally and with love and care. She truly embraces who she is and her life reflects it. Amy is my most important disciple.


As much as I would like to be a Porche 911 cruising through the alps and shifting through the corners. I am this older 1976 Ford F-250 4×4 with a 460 engine with a lift. I was made for the off-road and mud. For whatever reason my wife got in the truck with me and said “let’s go.” As much as I would like to be this Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen or whatever vehicle people like, it’s okay to be me. It’s okay to be who God created us. For 25 years in ministry I have been trying to figure out how to have a church (vehicle) that everyone wanted to ride in. Often I have had four different styles of services to make everyone feel included and important. I have come to surrender this idea and accept this is why there is so many different types of manufactures and vehicles.


I really enjoyed the Sound of Leadership and it encouraged me that “I am enough.” If people have a hard time with how I am, how I look, how I sound, oh well. There is people all over the world that need someone to love them, guide them, lead them in the ways of Christ, to join your orchestra.  Sometimes, we really need to simply brush off the dust and keep moving forward (Matthew 10:14).[3] In my case, leave my jacket behind in Oxford and keep moving forward.

[1] Glanzer, Jules. The Sound of Leadership: Kingdom Notes to Fine Tune Your Life and Influence. 4 Apr. 2023.

[2]Friedman, Edwin H, et al. A Failure of Nerve : Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix. New York, Church Publishing, 2017.

[3] And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when leave that house or town.


About the Author


Greg McMullen

Pastor Greg resides in Lake Stevens WA and pastors a small rural church in the Machias area . The Well Church has a large food ministry in which many different cultures come each week to gather food and counsel. The Church has a small school that is bearing good fruit. Pastor Greg has a large family of 10 children and enjoys fishing and hiking.

9 responses to “I Am Enough!”

  1. Kristy Newport says:

    Thank you for inviting us into how you think about ministry!
    I am curious what your wife would say about living life with a man who is like a 1976 Ford 4 by 4? 🙂 This has me thinking what metaphor I might use for myself. Like you , I think I would wish I could be another car but need to accept the vehicle that God has made me.

    • Kristy,

      Thank you, you would really enjoy Amy. I have gotten better with not hitting the gas, however there is something in me that is built for a crises.

      There are times I still hit the gas in my sermons and leadership. But I am doing better not giving everyone whiplash. Amy has helped me move slower, be more aware, be more thoughtful.

      Thank you for your kindness and support Kristy, you really touched Lauren at GCU. You are truly a gift and wonderful mother. Bless you!

    • Alana Hayes says:

      I came here to ask this! So fun to see his answer!

      Sometimes its fun to test drive a rental! Gives you a sense of wonder…. and reminds you where you are!

  2. mm Becca Hald says:

    Greg, thank you for sharing. I love how honoring you are to your wife and hope she is able to read this post. I hope we all get to meet her at graduation. I can relate to surrendering the need to be everything for everyone. I do not know much about cars, but I like your analogy.

    “I have come to surrender this idea and accept this is why there is so many different types of manufactures and vehicles.”

    I have often said the same about churches. I believe we have different types of churches to meet different needs. You have such a heart of compassion and service and I know that the Lord is using you in ways you cannot even imagine. I wonder what the Church at large would look like if we stopped trying to compete with one another or stopped measuring success by worldly measurements. If you could go back to your younger self, the one who was doing four different styles of service, and give him some leadership advice from this book, what would it be?

  3. Becca

    This is a really good question. I have the spiritual gifts that go with an Evangelist, however the older I get the more focus I am putting on pastoral ministry.

    Most larger churches of 5,000 plus lose a great amount of people each year of 35%. Therefore event style ministry is crucial to keep bringing people in.

    If I could go back to my younger self and give advice, it would to become secure financially and disciple. The prophetic conferences were exciting and many people came to Christ and were healed. However, I believe ministry through relationships can have a deeper life long impact.

    I really believe in the local community Church. I believe a church of around 100 people is ideal for relationships and spiritual transformation. Trust is what keep relationships together even in hard times. Building trust and relationships is key to longterm ministry.

    It will be an amazing experience to gather before Jesus as one body, one voice, and truly worship together in one accord.

  4. Audrey Robinson says:

    Greg, you certainly are more than enough to fulfill the call God has for you and all of the intricacies that His plan entails.

    Your post reminded me of one of the quotes Glanzer used in a beginning chapter. On page 11, “A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” ~Max Lucado

  5. Alana,
    Good point. Years ago I spent a summer with the Navajo Indians, I think it was in Utah where speed limits were around 90 mph. On one stretch of road, it said no speed limits. Bless you Alana.

  6. Audrey,

    Thank you, excellent comment and point. It is a difficult challenge for me as I want to share Jesus with the crowds but also suffer from criticism…

    bless you.

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