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Hear Me Out

Written by: on May 18, 2019

Hear me out. I am after all, here to be heard. I’m not here to walk into an intellectual safe place, and that has been the arrogance of higher education to think that was their purpose. I’m here to have connection… not to feel threatened. I simply want a safe space to be able to know my own ideas. I am here so I can be more prepared to defend my boundaries. So Let me be the civil one. Let me be the one to not manipulate or force others to interact with knowledge inherently damaging to their psyche.

I’m upset that this book displaced my orientation toward my comprehensive safety. I’m upset to be forced to bring un-peace into my life in the form of unnecessary and regressive Ideas. Despite its subversiveness this is still oppression. And oppression always comes from the top, from those who makes the rules and is placed on those below.  Those below are further victimized by being coerced to sway their beliefs.

This whole book program has been a series of microaggressions. A subtle way of dismissing any idea that goes against what the established have decided they want. It only reinforces the ideologies of oppressive and devolved ways of thinking. It fortifies the ideas of the privileged elite that are keeping America from real progress. The microaggressions acted against us are countless, but the not-so-micro-aggressions that have painted me as weak instead of just simply offering me the protection I’d like I deserve, are unforgivable.

I protest against this idea of being “assigned” this book without preparing me to deal with ideas I don’t want to deal with. This has not been a safe place for me to process this idea because there has been no platform of support provided for me. This intellectual bullying discrimination has removed my choice from the whole matter. I had no say in if I wanted to deal with any of these issues, nor did I have any say in even what the issues discussed would be. Worse of all, I have now been forced to deal with THIS issue, which tells me I am inadequate for not dealing with your issues enough. Your whole premise of asking me to deal with this issue, is in fact, completely skewed and has only regressed our whole class. It’s not just that I think we should not have wasted our time thinking about this, but THEY should not have been allowed to present this to us.

Their attempts have helped no one. It has distracted us all from what I’m pretty sure are the things we should really be concerned about. This book has accusations of what’s wrong with America and made us all distracted weaker because of it. I know that My feeling is that this week has made me weaker and us all weaker. This week has subtracted from my personal and valuable mental aptitude as well as the cumulative mental capacity of our group. We were exposed to something unsafe and now we are weaker for having gone through it.

I know I’m weaker now. I could have spent time reading ideas that benefit my truth or even reading my own writings I have written. Is there a safer place than my own ideas? Is there any place I’m stronger than where I am safest?

But, if anything, it’s giving me more resolve to be hyper-vigilant against you all. Unless you the reader are in agreement with me, in which case we can both redirect our righteous indignation toward them! Them who divert me away from what I feel know is my truth. But there is good that came from this week, for we now we have all seen who is against us. Who a real threat is to our freedoms and progress, and it’s a shame it comes from what should be a trusted American educational system.

Worst of all it has placed me as both the villain and the penance of our country. They betray the ideals of our nation by hijacking usurping dethroning me from my padded pedestal.

My prayer demand is that they would repent resign.



Your coddled American mind.




Hey all, this was my first attempt at satire. I hope you enjoyed it.





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Kyle Chalko

11 responses to “Hear Me Out”

  1. Ha ha ha ha! Well done. I like how you wove in the untruths of “what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker,” and feelings can be trusted.

  2. Kyle!!! Love your satire.

    Humour and satire are effective ways to come at things slant, and sliding under self-protective barriers to – wham! – knock you between the eyes with a new truth.

  3. Jay Forseth says:


    You stallion! Well written, and I love it. At first I was concerned, very concerned, but then I figured it out. I am a little slow on the take, but it is probably because I have been coddled…

    • Kyle Chalko says:

      Hey Jay,

      hahaha. Yes, I had my wife read this weeks blog, and I didnt tell her it was satire. She was VERY concerned as well until I told her the angle.

      I tried to lead the audience on that I was being geniune. 😛

  4. Mike says:

    Great immersion introduction! I like the way you bonded with the 4 Untruths and Safetyism. Yes, your use of wit and mockery of the text fit the iGen movement. What is your position on “trigger warnings?”
    Thanks for your peripheral approach, to engage the author’s ideas from an alternate dimension that puts their ideas into the LGP8 Cohort micro-laboratory. I’m sure we can have some fun with this during the Zoom.
    Stand firm,
    Mike w

  5. Shawn Hart says:

    First attempt? Come on…you trying to tell me your wife doesn’t have to put up with this all the time? LOL

    Safe place heh? I’m terrified to respond to your post…I don’t want you to beat me up after I do.

    In seriousness…I believe you made your point. So did you like the book or didn’t you?

  6. Greg says:

    What!! I was going tell you how much I agreed with you said… you sell out! 🙂

    Nice job putting into words some of the passion and confusion we can deal with. Finding that conversational common ground can and will be a challenge.

  7. Dan Kreiss says:


    Brilliant satire for someone so coddled.

  8. Dave Watermulder says:

    Thanks for the post, Kyle 🙂

    I think this book is ripe for responses like that, and yours is actually probably in the mainstream of ways that people either want to, or actually do respond to it! peace, my man.

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