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Greg’s Prezi

Written by: on June 11, 2019


About the Author


Greg has a wife and 3 children. He has lived and work in Asia for over 12 years. He is currently the Asia Director of Imanna Laboratories, which tests and inspects marine products seeking US Coast Guard certification. His company Is also involved in teaching and leadership development.

2 responses to “Greg’s Prezi”

  1. Jay Forseth says:


    Loved and appreciated your Prezi. All of us are thankful for your contributions to this Cohort. Like I said in the side talk, we all listen to you, even though you don’t share too often. So keep sharing, please. We need you.


  2. Mary Pandiani says:

    Greg – the reflection of humility stands out to me in your Prezi. While you wait to speak, once you do so, we all listen to words (and in this assignment, images) that have been carefully considered and offer wisdom. Continue in the way of listening and speaking; we’re all better for it. One more thing – you used a phrase that is similar to one I’ve used for scripture from Eugene Peterson – “how scripture reads us.” You said, “how scripture encounters our lives.” It struck me in the power of what scripture does – it’s not static. It’s dynamic. Thank you for the reminder.

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